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    Hello all....I just applied to SS because I am to ill to work or go to school and I need some kind of income to help pay bills and buy groceries. They just called me yesterday to set up an appointment for me to come in and have an interview with a psychologist to determine my mental state. I wanted to know if this is a normal procedure? I know on my application I stated that I am depressed and I get sad a lot, but I'm not sure if they think I am a mental case. I'm still going to go, but I never asked her if this is a normal procedure that all aplicants have to do. Thanks for the help.


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    I receive SS disability and disability insurance (thru previous employer). I did not have an interview with a psychologist. However, I know that depression plays a big part in many ICers applications for SS.
    The ICA has paperwork they can send you to help you through the process. It's also highly recommended to get all your Dr's to write letters about how IC has impacted your life. And be sure to keep copies of everything! Keep us posted on your progress.
    take care,


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      Yes, SS sent me to a shrink, even tho I have been seeing one for 11 years. When I told him that my own shrink had already declared me permanently disabled the SS shrink signed off on me.

      I won my case because of IC, Fibro and depression.

      Best of luck teri
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