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  • Step 1....Help?

    My disability company has said I now have to apply for Social Security. So...I called them today and they are sending me a packet and also set up an appointment for me on January 7, at 11:00 AM. I don't know what to expect except that they want my birth cert, W-2 from last two years, and all doctors I've seen, plus the paper work they are sending. So, what do I expect from this?

    The lady was nice on the phone, BTW...said I had way many credits for retirement (UMM...I said I'm only 38) and if approved was set for disability.

    As far as retro pay goes, how far back do they go? I'm only asking because my disability company wants to dink me for it!! Will they go back to April, when this mess started? or back to 6month mark? I dunno...Yes....I am going to be out for at least a total of 18 mos...

    One more thing...can your disability company require you to dip into private retirement? There was a whole mess of "stuff" I don't get in this letter they sent me...(And I'm supposed to be smart...HAH!)

    Thanks all!

    Peace: Solfish jester

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    I think mine went back 2 years. Maybe even 2 1/2. I had myself all worked up about the phone interview and it was a piece of cake. The lady I talked to was wonderful. She just had to go over work history with me. Had me verify that what the computer was telling her was correct. She told me what to expect as far as future mailings went and TO MAKE COPIES OF EVERY SINGLE THING I SENT TO THE OFFICE alone WITH MY CASE # ON THE BACK OF THE ENVELOPE.

    I had prepared myself for this huge disaster and it only took about 15 minutes so please, save your sweat for the paper work you are going to be filling out over and over and over again

    wishing you the very very best~
    Courage does not always roar. Sometimes, it is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, "I will try again tomorrow".


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      Egads....I detest paperwork with a passion this is gpojg t0 bea problem I supposedllllllI wonder if i can get hubby to do it. Hmmmmm..



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        A little trivia: You need 40 "quarters" of work (10 years) for retirement, so it's not that hard to qualify. Of course, the later in your career they are, the more likely to be higher-paying & thus yield higher benefits. (This is from my memory when I was researching it during my divorce.)
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          Wow...I was outta it last night. You all can learn to tell when my morphine and valium has hit me hard by my lovely writing. I know about the credits. I am scared. I hate any sort of conflict and detest meetings like this. I want it to just go away. Do you guys think it is a good sign from my priviate insurance that they are going to continue my insurance since they are requiring me to start my SS paperwork now? After all, they explained all that stuff about retro payments from social security and how they get a cut when I finally get approved. If I don't pay, they cut me off. I don't know. I sure hope it is is done December 31..


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            I started on disability from my work in April 2002. I have also applied for ss disability. My work disability company will actually pay for an attorney if I get denied ss. I'm sure your work disability and mine are on the same wave length. They don't want to pay us for the rest of our lives, so they will do anything to help with ss disability. I do think it is a good sign if you are already getting disability from your employer. Is it from an employer or a policy that you had. Whatever, I do think it helps.


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              After going through all of this mess with disability and getting approved some of the best advise is to buy the Nolo's Guide to SS Disability Benefits book on this web site. It will be worth every penny that you spend on it. I ended up going through this whole process without an attorney because of what I found out in this book. I cant remember what I paid for it at the time, I think it was 35 dollars but it is well worth it. I recommend it to anyone who is applying. It will answer all of your questions. I got all worked up over the telephone interview too and it was very easy. My SS case worker was wonderful, I had one at the state level (a man) and a woman at the local district office (she is the one that sent me the paperwork, did the interview, collects the information, etc.). As someone on here said, keep records of everything that you send. It is not unusual to get turned down on the first try and you might have to have the exact paperwork again or you may have to refer back to it. They will want all doctors you have been to, when you saw them, what hospitals, ER's you have been in and why, all medicines, all diagnosis, etc. I really got into a mess with mine. I asked for several requests for medical records for doctors. Alot of people hand deliver those to the doctors offices and ask them to give them the medical records to mail in themselves to SS. This is a wonderful idea IF you can get them to give you the records without having to pay for them. Alot of offices will not give you your medical records without a copy fee. I made the mistake of not doing this and when I got turned down the first time I found out that SS had taken my records from my primary care physician only (because he had consult letters, etc. from my urologist, cardiologist, etc.). SS didnt want to pay 11.00 per doctor for my records so they based my case on my primary care physicians records which were not complete because the consult letters are only a summary of what he/she did. If you can get an office to give you your records to mail into SS yourself I highly recommend it, if not make sure that you keep in touch with your SS case worker and see if they have received ALL medical records from every doctor that you list on your paperwork. It should all be considered. I could go on an on but those are two of the most important things that I can think of but Get the Book - it is worth it. Susan


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                I just found out that if I get SS (They called and said I will be approved), I have to pay back the disability company. So if SS goes back a year, I have to pay back the same amount to the disability that I got through my work. They can't touch my kids money however. I am still grateful that I got disability from work, though because so many people get nothing until they get SS.