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I had my hearing yesterday

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  • I had my hearing yesterday


    Well I got there about an hour early and scoped out where the bathrooms were. toilet I was so nervous and it really wasnt all that bad. I got lucky and had a very nice judge. I was due to go in about 915 but they didnt call me until around 1000. Like I said I sweated bullets for no reason at all. It was very informal and everyone was really nice. There were 4 other people in the room besides me. My lawyer, the judge, the typing recorder lady, and a vocational expert man. He swore me and the vocational expert in and then he asked me to tell him about IC. He kept referring to it as chronic bladder infections, I was too chicken to correct him. He asked me to explain a typical sort of day to him and asked what kinds of meds I take and how they affect me. He then asked the VE if I could do the jobs that I had done in the last 15 years and he first said yes and then he said I would have to have 2 extensive breaks about an hour each along with a lunch break and then asked the VE again if I could do the jobs and this time he said no. My lawyer asked me a few things and that was about it. It all lasted about 30 minutes. I had to be excused one time to go to the bathroom. My lawyer seems to think it went pretty good. I sure hope so. I am so relieved that it is over with. Now more waiting. If you have any more questions about it just PM me. Thanks for all your prayers and support. LisaK

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    Hi Lisa--

    I hope things go well for you! I am in the appeals process, I hope they will move things along for me, even though I have Interstim but now I have Fibro.

    Hugs and love,
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      Lisa may I ask how long did it take you to get your ALJ hearing??
      Glad everything worked out for you.
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        Thanks for posting. I started in March 2003 with the application. I got lucky I guess. The reason why I got my hearing so soon was it was considered a hardship case because I am way behind on my bills. I requested thru my congressman's office to try and speed it up and they did. I just hope I get the decision as fast as the hearing! Good Luck Jess and Debra! Luv you guys. LisaK


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          Hi Lisa,

          Thanks for sharing your "Hearing experience", for the sake of the rest of us who have yet to go down that road.

          Just yesterday, I received word from my Congresswoman about my status being elevated to "dire need"/'can't begin to tell you how elated I am, after waiting an entire year <just for this>!

          With re. to the <SSD> "system", itself:
          Also can happily report, that they said what I'd written would be noted in Congress - had kept meticulous records of the process and communications w/SSD personnel/was able to list names, dates and the nature of what I believe dragged my case out, to the degree I'd experienced...

          Hopefully, this kind of thing will help to make a difference (however small), for those yet to follow. grouphug

          Best wishes for the outcome of your Hearing -


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            Allyson hi

            Great to hear that girl! I am still waiting eagerly for my letter in the mail. Hey I called the congressmans office the first of this week and I didnt know it but they get updates each time something happens on your case. She told me that he had made a decision and it was being typed up. Of course they arent going to tell me the outcome. She told me she usually receives updates on Mondays and to call her back then. Oh I guess they type zero words a minute too!LOL bunny Well call me and let me know how your hearing turns out. I hope it goes good. Remember no nevers or always. LisaK grouphug angel


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              Lisa, I am glad you seem happy it is over. When I had mine it was very informal as well. My lawer told me he thought I could be optimistic, and he was right. Good Luck. Let us know how these turn out. I hated how long it took to get an answer. ( I hated the whole process for that matter) I suspect how long it takes will vary from state to state. Do you know how long it should take? hi grouphug
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