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My lawyer has already made the moves to appeal

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  • My lawyer has already made the moves to appeal

    I finally got the nerve to read the rest of the determination letter and I could not believe how many mistakes there were! They claim I have no nocturnal disturbances and that I denied having any pain (???). Where the hell did they get that from? It goes on and on like this..almost like they were talking about someone else! When I called my lawyer, I received a message from her assistant that she had already started the appeal. I'm relieved because I don't know the first thing about appealing these things without the assistance of a lawyer.

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    Good for you. I am so glad your attorney got on this so fast. Remember it is a bunch of regular probably unqualified people looking at our applications. They have no care or worries about us so it is up to us to fight back. I am pretty sure with an attorney you will get approved.

    Stay strong and motivated you will get what you need and want.

    Good Luck and pls keep us posted!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Always wishing the best to all of you.


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      I hate to sound paranoid but this is bit more than people being unqualified. I mean they screwed up almost every fact stated both vocally and as well as on paper. They turned EVERYTHING around. They say I claimed to have had no pain(???)and that I was never kept up at night by this illness. They screwed up facts that were plainly stated on my medical records like procedures that were performed and by what doctors. I AM SOOOO ANGRY RIGHT NOW THAT I WANT TO HIT SOMETHING! Do they think that it's funny to screw around with our lives? Whats up with these people? What I would really love to do is sue that judge personally for the pain and suffering he has and will cause in the months to come because of his "mistakes". I know this sounds irrational but if you saw my determination letter, there would be no arguement!


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        Sorry, I'm glad you are appealing; It took me three times, and, like you, I felt like an idiot was reading my file.