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I am deciding between a lawyer and a disability advocate. Any opinions??

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  • I am deciding between a lawyer and a disability advocate. Any opinions??

    I just got my first denial. I have the choice of either a lawyer who's in my city. I'm meeting with him tomorrow and will see if he has any experience with IC. Not sure if that matters, really; I know a lot about IC.

    Or... there is a disability advocate--they are paralegals, not lawyers (SocSec. does not require a lawyer), who recently won a case for an IC patient on this site. The advocate's office is in another city a few hours away--either they would travel to me or they do stuff over the phone. Any opinions?? Thanks!
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    It is not worth getting anyone until you have your second denial. Then you want to ask for an administrative law hearing, and at that time get an attorney who specializes primarily is Social Security disability. They get 25% of your award based on the amount accrued from time of initial filing until date of the award. My SS attorney more than earned his fee.

    Yes, experience makes a lot of difference.

    I never considered an advocate. Also find out the win/loss percentages of anyone that you engage. Ask if that individual has handled a case that in any way resembles yours. It need not be an IC situation. Make sure that you provide lots of IC information to your attorney. Even today, IC and simple cystitis are frequently confused. The amount of education that you have makes a difference. The more education, the harder it is to win SS. The SS Administration believes that if you have an education, there must be some job that you can hold--even if it is telephone work from your home.


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      I would agree, I do not think it is worth getting anyone until you get your second denial. My layer told me almost everyone has to go through the process up to a trial. I was young and had a batchelor degree, even with a multitude of health problems had to go this whole wrote. I just recently got my first check after years. I hope things go faster in your state. I do not know anything about disability advocates but my husband believes the lawer did his work and only costed us money if he won.
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