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  • Disability Review (aka Disability Update Report)

    I was approved 3 years ago. As I understand it, they either approve you for 1 yr, 3 yrs, or 7 yrs before your case is scheduled for review. I was approved for 3 yrs before my first review. Well, I just got the papers this week, and of course, I am very, very nervous. I have heard that once you are on it, for those who really are sick and keeping up with their meds, Drs appts, etc., then it is next to impossible for them to take you off of it....vitrually unheard of. "Virtually" is the word that makes me nervous! Even though I am still in the same shape as I was when they put me on it, I dont know if they will think I am "improved" or not since I was going to the Dr. 3x a week then and now I go once a month. (I was getting bladder instills 3 x a week in my Drs office then, but now I am able to do those at home, obviously drastically cutting back my Drs visits. (Also, there is nothing he can do for me that he hasnt already tried, and since pain has always been my most disabling symptom, he finally referred me to a Pain Clinic around the time that I was approved for disability. So, now I see the pain Dr. 1 x month, and just see my IC Dr. as needed for things like really bad flares or actual infections, etc. Anyway, I dont know if the Disability people will understand this or not and it is making me nervous.

    Anyway, many have been wondering what they ask you in the review papers, so here are the basics for those who are also facing reviews soon:

    It is just one page, front and back, (so it is MUCH less imposing than the initial paperwork in that respect!

    1) Have you worked anywhere in the last 2 years, and if so to list the dates you started and ended and the amount you earned. (I havent worked at all.)

    2) Have you attended any school or work training programs in the last 2 yrs?
    I haven't.

    3) PLease put x in one box only: In the last 2 yrs has your Dr. told you that you (CAN WORK) (CANNOT WORK) (MY DR and I HAVE NOT DISCUSSSED WHETHER OR NOT I CAN WORK)
    In my case, we haven't discussed it, so I dont know if this will count against me.

    4) Place an "X" in only one box that best describes your health. (BETTER) (SAME) (WORSE) I am about the same or worse. Not sure what to put here, since I am worse b/c I have been d/xed with Lupus, Endo, Adhesions, and several other things since then. IC-wise, I am the same, but now I have pain meds and I didnt then, so I dont know how to answer this one. ?????

    5)Have you gone to a Dr or Clinic for treatment (including evaluations, checkups, counseling, r/xes, or medicine) in the last 2 yrs. If you answered "yes" please list" starting with most recent visit: Reason for visit, month and year. (It only lists room for 3 Drs visits or r/xes and 3 dates, but says "if needed use the "remarks" secion on the back of page. But the remarks section only has 3 short lines. So, I dont know if that's really all the info they want/need or if I should give them my complete medical history for the last 3 years on a separate detached sheet. (I guess I wil need to call them to ask this question.)

    6) Have you been hospitalized or had surgery in the last 2 years? If yes please list reason and dates (month/year) (Again, there is only room for 3 hospitalizations/surgeries total. So, I will also need to ask if they want the complete medical history here on a detached sheet, or if they only care about the last 3 that occured in the last 2 years.

    Then, at the bottom they ask for your signature, date, and phone number.

    That's it! It is due back 1 month from the day they mailed it. I thought the review would be much longer, much more comprehensive than this is. I also thought we'd have to mail in the medical records and all that like we did when we applied, but they dont ask for that (at least at this time) either. Lastly, I thought it was odd that they only wanted info for the last 2 yrs, instead of for the whole 3 years I have been on it.

    Anyway, just thought I'd post this info for anyone else out there who has a review coming up. I know I was wondering what was going to be on it before I got mine in the mail. I will let you know if they also call me to do a telephone interview. (If anyone has already been thru their review, pls let me know if they called you.) Thanks!
    I am not a medical professional. I do not give medical advice. In all cases, I urge you to talk to your Dr. about your treatment options.

    D/Xed 2003 with IC. Also have the co-existing condtions of VV, Vulvadynia, Lupus, Fibro, GERD, CPP, Endo, & Adhesions, and Depression

    Meds: Estrogel (due to total Hyster)
    The meds r/xed by my Pain Dr. from the Pain Clinic are as follows: Morphine ER and IR, Baclofen, and Lyrica and Seroquel (used off-label as a sleeping pill, but it also helps with depression)

    (I listed my meds in case someone reading this has been told like so many ICers that Drs dont r/x pain meds for IC.) I want you to know that there ARE tons of us who are also dealing w/this disease and the pain and many of us ARE on pain meds.)

    John 3:16 For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have everlasting life.

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    Yes, I just received my review too. I feel very nervous too about the whole thing. Yes, my IC is gone because of having my bladder removed, but everything else has gone crazy health wise. I really pray it's ok, I just DO NOT have the energy to have to do it all over again.

    I put "the same" for the question has your health improved?

    No, my dr and I haven't talked about if I can go back to work, mostly because they all know I'm on disability.

    I just sent my off today and will keep you posted on how it goes. Please keep me posted as well.

    Hugs and blessings

    Serenity isn't freedom from the's peace within the storm.....I had my sick bladder removed Jan 7th 2010.....Even though I had many complications.......I would do it again in a moment.....I have no regrets......Sunflowers in memory of my sister who passed March 14th 2010......they were her favorite....