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recommendation for atty in San Fran

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  • recommendation for atty in San Fran

    can anyone help with a good atty that you've used? thanks very much

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    Look up your local lawyer referral service. It is run by the ABA. You can go and meet with them in person or just speak with them, there is sometimes no fee or like $15 consult. It's probably the best way, you have to connect with this person for a while, you want to have a good hit-off right from the start. It typically goes by county, so start there on line, or in your phone book. Usually the first listing under lawyers. A local one would probably do you better than a national one, they are hungrier, and none of them get paid unless you get a settlement. Wish you luck in your search, just make sure you connect with him/her and they know what IC is, and note ALL of your medical conditions when you complete your forms. Jill, wife of Bob