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  • Questions on back pay

    I just got assigned a case worker for my disability. I know this is a long process. I have been disabled since 2006. This girl told me that all anyone can receive is 1 year of retro (back) pay. I'm just confused because I have heard others post that it goes back from the time you were disabled and also the time it takes for you to get approved since it could be years. This woman said absolutely not and that this is the rule for every state. It's just so frustrating because everytime I call for questions, I always seem to get different answers. I really wish I did this sooner since I have had this disease since 2000 and it has progressively gotten so much worse. I appreciate all your help.

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    They only go back so far so if she told you one year that is correct. It could end up like two years back pay because of your wait time for approval. They will not go back to 2006 though. It would have been better if you had applied when you first stopped working but you have done so now, so it will be ok. Just hang in there.

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