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Social Security Question. Is this the normal or a good sign.

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  • Social Security Question. Is this the normal or a good sign.

    I was wondering when I was going to hear something about the application that i sent to the SSA. I looked in the mail yesterday and there it was..a packet that had tons of questions in it. It states that it is from the Department of Assistive and Rehabilitative Services Disability Determination Services. I Looked in side and there are a lot of questions like "what I do from the time I wake up and the time I go to sleep". Those kinds of questions are going to be hard to answer.. You think??? My question is... is this normal protocol or does this mean it is a good sign that it has been assigned to someone to evaluate my file? Any help would be greatly appreciated.. Oh by the way... my husband also got one in the mail to fill out.. I guess he is to put in his own words as to why I need SSD.

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    Most people do get those forms if they are further studying your case. I would say it is good in that they could have given you a flat no.

    Be sure that you let them know every dirty detail of what your life is like. It is sometimes hard to tell people exactly how bad things are, but with this you need to let it all out. Make sure your husband does the same thing. My husband had to do one also, he and my daughter filled it out together. She is grown and at that time was really around me more than my husband so she saw more of how it impacted my life.

    Make copies of your completed forms and keep the copy for your records. Also, be sure to send the forms back on time! Very, very important!

    It is one more step toward the finish line! Wishing you the best,

    Link to the patient information, everything from What is IC? to Disability

    American Urological Association Clinical Guideline
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      Thank you! I thought maybe it was a good sign.. I hope so.. I will tell them everything and I will fax back the forms.


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        I got Denied and Currently Appealing ALJ Decision

        I recieved those forms, I believe everybody gets those Forms to fill out, I would think it's not a good or a bad sign. You should get an Attorney if you haven't got one already,, You really should since it looks better for your case. Though my Attorney dosn't really do anything your chances are much better w an Attorney by your side.
        It really depends on Medical Records showing proof your disabled and unable to work anymore, Age, Race, State, Disability Agent deciding your case, and Everything Above. It's really unfortunate but my Attorney pretty much told me this, As well as researching SSD on my own. I got a Judge who favors Men more than Woman and got denied even with my Dr stating I am completely disabled... So frustrating. It also helps to have your Doctor write a Statement saying your disabled and unable to work because of all your conditions,making it impossible for you to stand, walk, stoop, bend, reach, ect....My Records go way back and I had my Dr. by my side and NADA..
        I'm appealing Judge's decision...
        The thing with me is I'm 33 and haven't worked in 9years, I waited too long to File for dissability and passed the Deadline to File. They accepted the Claim but I'm having difficulty Proving I was disabled before Insurance Date.
        My advice for Everybody is As soon as you stop working File Right Away..
        I didn't know there was a Deadline to File and there are so many Rules.
        Fortunately they accepted my case but they won't look at anything past the Date I was no longer Insured. So today my health has gotten so much worse and Declined much more after the Date I was insured but they are saying they are not looking at anything after that date, and only looking at Medical Records and Documents before the Disability Insurance Deadline..
        I quit working because I could no longer work due to Chronic Back Pain and Anxiety/Depression but no longer had Insurance to seek Medical Treatment. Social Security looks at Medical Records to help decide their case. The thing is I no longer was Insured so I was forced to stop seeking Treatment.
        If at all Possible seek Treatment from Doctors or Clinics as much as Possible and Get all Records from all Doctors and Submit them to SSD.


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          I did get the same type forms as well. They want to have more information to go by. In fact, I was told it should be returned in less than 10 days. Yep! I have not heard back yet. I still went to see the disability lawyer and his assistant while they were at a local hotel last Tuesday. OK. His assistant said they come to that same hotel every other Tuesday. That must mean they actually have work to do locally. Regardless, I was told the lawyer would get 35% of my first check.(that should be backed up to June of 2011) Why did he come up with June? Of course, I have not been denied yet. I am on retirement disability with the State, but they mainly think about whether or not an individual can continue with his or her state job. (as oppsed to all job fields) (which I was a custodian) By the way, I had gotten the approval letter on April 3. OK. I did get a letter on Saturday April 16 stating that a check may be mailed as early as April 15.(which would include February, March, and April)(meaning I was considered retired by disability since February 1st) Hey! That check was the biggest that I will get from them. By the way, the lady, the assistant, asked last Tuesday how I have been spending my days, which is a question on those forms, as well. Yep!


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            I also got the the same letters and so did my husband and i was denined, but part of the reason i think i was denied is i still work but because of my disability i can only work 15 hours a week so now i have to find a lawyer and appeal the case, that is the stage im in now so waiting for the lawyer she said you can still work and get disability depending on how it affects you so were going to fight it i also have severe depression and anxiety which i take medicine for if i didnt have a understanding boss i would of been gone long time ago when i dont come in he covers the office for me but i tried to tell disability this he even wrote them a note for me and it didnt help now i go the appeal process.


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              While it is true that everyone does get those papers, it is a good sign in the fact that the case if moving along. I know it is hard (I've been there) but I honestly believe that it helps to be positive about winning. You know your condition, and you know you can no longer work, make sure that you are very clear and consice in your answers. Tell them WHAT you can no longer do and then tell them what you do everyday. It is naturally hard for most people to really tell the worst of things to others but in this case you absolutely have to.

              Being denied to the point of asking for a hearing is also usually par for the course. I got to that stage as well but then I got a letter that a judge had independantly reviewed my case and approved me.

              Link to the patient information, everything from What is IC? to Disability

              American Urological Association Clinical Guideline
              Diagnosis and Treatment of Intersitial Cysitis/Painful Bladder Syndrom


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                I went to both of the drs appointments that hey SSD set up for me. I think they went well.. Does anyone know how long it usually takes from the time I go to the drs to when I get approved or denied????


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                  I got approved the first time!

                  I did have to fill all that out also. I was very specific & very detailed with all of the paper work I gave them I had copies of all my dr.s notes, I got letters from every doctor that takes care of me, what meds I am on, copies of all the hydro's and installation I recieved, and so on. I gave them a file that was about 1" thick, full of information. My husband did not need to fill out any paper work.

                  I had to quit my job due to the IC/PFD. I waited a year to apply, and got approved about 4 months after that. I recieved a lump sum up front, and then started getting my monthly payments a month later.

                  Good luck.
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                    It seems like some people have no trouble getting approved and others who are equally as disabled or maybe even worse are denied over and over again. I applied and filled out all those same forms and was denied so I appealed the decision. I just got that denial letter last week so I am appealing and asking for a hearing with the judge. I think it is ridiculous how difficult they make it for us. I understand weeding out the people who don't really need it but it's just down right cruel how hard they make it. We pay in that money while working hard and it's our money to have if we become disabled and need it. But then if that happens they don't want us to have it - they want to keep it. It really makes me mad. I am just praying that the judge will hear me and approve me!

                    I hope it works out for you but in case you get denied try not to take it personally. Just follow the process through each step. And yes, get an attorney.
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                      The information that your Husband provides will be very important. I received disability after I was turned down and it finally went before a Judge. A letter my Daughter wrote to that Judge stating how my life was before I became disabled (not IC) and how I am now was the deciding factor. Everything she wrote was true. I didn't even know she understood really. I went from an A type can do anything person to not being able to leave my home. The Judge said the letter tells it all. I was granted disability, did have a PA helping me and was happy to pay that person for his help. I always thought my kids believed being a Military wife left alone in many cities, working full time and doing 50 things a week was normal for most mothers. I'll never forget that letter and it means more to me then I can ever express. Hugs, Ziggy