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    I know I am on retirement disability. That would be correct. Oh! I was told I was approved in April, but I actually got a check that covered February, March, and April. OK. It was not hard to get on that too much. They just determined up in Atlanta within 4 or 5 weeks that I could not be a custodian at Georgia Southerrn University any longer. That paycheck is gone for August by now. I went to the local SSA back in February. (going on half a year by now) OK. I have not heard back yet. I thought I was told I would get a reply within 4 months. Come on. I have got a lawyer ready by now. Yep!

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    Mr Lavender:

    I just wanted to touch base with you on the latest update on your case. Social Security contacted me to let me know that they are waiting on records from the Neurological Center and Statesboro Neurosurgery. Also, they had to recontact Southeastern Orthopedic, as they have not received records from there yet. I expect to get a new update on the status of your case towards the later part of September.

    In the meantime, if you have any questions, please feel free to let me know.
    That came from our congressman's office down in Savannah, GA. By the way, it was half a year last week. Maybe I will be broke by the next half a year if I don't get approved. Oh! I do get disability retirement, but the one coming up in a few days for September is probably gone by now. Ugh!


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      Ok - this same thing happened to me. My MAIN doc -my pain doc has a staff that is so totally incompetent that I think they work hard at being that way. I kept getting letter saying all they were waiting on was my record from him and another former doc in another state. I just started calling them and leaving messages on the nurses line and with the office staff that my disability claim is being held up by them and could they please take care of the records request quickly. I worked for me.... Just a thought that might at least make you feel like you are actively participating in the whole process too.

      Hang in there. It was almost a year to the day for me and what I hear that is actually pretty quick.
      Live life to the fullest day to day. The best way to eat an elephant is one bite at a time!

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