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  • Question about SSD & Medicare

    I have filed for disability using an attorney. I have been denied once so far so now it's in appeals. I have some questions for those who are on it and have Medicare from them. I know you get a certain amount monthly for SSD. Do they deduct from that amount if you go on Medicare or whatever the insurance is that they provide??? If so, do you know how much they take out for the health insurance coverage? How do they base your monthly income or is it a standard amount for everyone? And does this continue throughout your life or does it change when you turn 65? Unsure about all this. Thank you for your help. Also my attorney said you can only get retro for a total of 12 months and then for all the months it took to get approved. I have heard different things about this.

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    I can tell you what I know on some of this...I messaged you about the medicare but to repeat in case anyone else needs to know...There is a set premium - for 2011 it's just over $115 a month. I THINK we pay that ourselves. I'll know more soon! The monthly income is based on your work record. How many years you worked, how much you got paid and your age, education level too. You should get a statement every quarter from them that shows what you would get if you should become disabled. You can request one from social security if you need one. It does continue until age 65 as long as you remain disabled. They review each case every 3-5 years to make sure you are still disabled. Your attorney is correct on the retro or back pay. As long as you have been proven to be disabled at least 12 months prior to the date you applied you can get that additional 12 months. Otherwise it is just the length of time it takes to get approved after applying.

    **I should add that at age 65 it converts to retirement but the amount you get each month won't change.
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