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    Hi there!! Its Me!!
    Crazy do i put my face on profile here....i can't seem to do it for some me back at your rush!! Thanks Love!!! Have A Great Day!!
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      I am still waiting. By the way, it has now been half a year since I first applied. OK. I used to work at Georgia Southern University as a custodian.(state employee) Regardless, I applied to get on retirement disability through the Teachers Retirement System of Georgia. OK. They did approve me within 4-5 weeks. Of course, they just determined I could not do my state job any longer. (too much reaching, bending,& standing) (and degenerative disc disease for me) The letter came in April, but my first paycheck actually covered February, March, and April. By the way, my bills are more than I get once the insurance gets taken away. I actually sent a message on my congressman's website asking to have someone to check on my case. Anyhow, I was sent an e-mail by some lady with a download at the top.(a form for me to print and give them permission)(which was done) OK. She had sent another e-mail stating that I seem young to be applying and that it may be 8-10 before I do hear anything. Come on. I use to clean for a living, but I can't clean my apartment more than 20 minutes without having to stop to keep from having a fit due to all the pain.(and nap most everyday) By the way, that lady could not walk a mile in my shoes.(and using my cane) (which I use every single day) Yep! I had to take 2 different pain relievers and use the heating pad in order to get to physical therapy today.(then came back home with my legs burning like a big dog) Of course, the person in charge of my case won't know that. (nope) Geez! I am bored of sitting at home, but I don't feel like going anywhere now. (and even pain going through left side of butt now) (and feel like I did not nap at all) Oh, well!


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        Hi Statesboro,

        I was just like you...i wanted to give up....thinking crazy thoughts....because of pain, not knowing what was in store for is hard, very hard but i realized that we have to hang in there.....i applied September 2009 and just got approved, a relative told me....right at the end, things are going to feel like they are closing down, payments are going to be due, out of money....but just hang in there the best you was a struggle, and i almost gave up hope...but i stuck in was challenging....I guess too, because along with IC . I was told i had Lumbar Spinal Stenosis and it has just double/trippled all pain, discomfort.....and it is starting to affect other parts of my body......have to go to pain management now...tired of taking pain meds....can't stand 5 mins without being in pain...I know how you feel...just as i am typing i feel nerve pain in my right can email me anytime...this is what we are all here for.......
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          I won my case! Judge was a woman, very nice, the medical adviser told her that she did not think I could find anyone to hire me because of having to use the bathroom at least one an hour, if not more often. Thank you universe
          current meds: elmiron 100mg X3
          imipramine 25 mg X1
          tramadol 50mg as needed
          lunesta as needed
          maxault (as needed for migraines)

          previous meds: detrol la (quit working)
          cystoprotek (made worse)
          cystaq (worked well but expensive)