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  • Guidence please

    Hi all,

    Im thinking of applying for disability. I dont know where to start, I live in Texas and I currently work 3 days a week, do you have to not be able to work for at least a year to get benefits? If that is the case I dont see how I could do that because I would not have health insurance. My husband is a realtor and we go 3 to 4 months sometimes before he gets a check. If I didnt work I couldnt pay for my meds or even food. Its a catch 22....I dont know what to do. I would like to hear from others who have gone thru this.

    Thank you - Montie

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    ss and working

    if you are grossing more then 980 month you will be denied. I was told when I applied had to be off work for 5mos and I was . Go to that is social security website and your answer will be there

    I do have IC friend who applied while working she was denied and also made over the 980 limit a month

    SS will see it if you are working part time then you can work . You have to be very careful working even part time while on SSD ......period they monitor it tightly and with budget cuts you bet.

    I know IC gal made too much went over allotted month got SS pulled so go to website and even call them ask that question.


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      Thank you Snowgirl, I thought that probaly would be the case but I just wanted hear from some one who had some experience with it. I dont know what to do....its hard, like I said I dont have a choice right now I have to work at least part time for insurance and to pay for meds.

      Thanks again for the feed back!


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        go read their website I posted all questions you asked answers are there. ALso as I said calling them they are helpful pple I found them to be. Good luck. I say work as long as you can my friends .... SSD is tough $$ and mentally not working as well. Go as part time as you can my friend........ get intermittent fmla and use it just becareful how much you use. I wish you the best.


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          Previous poster was correct. One idea is if you can get state temporary disability for a few months so you keep insurance and money coming in while you apply. That will show them that you seriously can't work and need the disability. Their take on it is if you are able to get there and work and not be fired then you can work. It's a crazy system. I ended up getting fired from my job eventually and couldn't get another one. I think that helped my case. Also get an attorney from the start. Some attorneys will take your case at your first denial and others will start with you from the beginning. You don't pay anything unless you win and they take it from your past-due benefits. Good luck and be patient!
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