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  • Dental & Physical Therapy?

    Hi there. I was wondering if anyone knows whether dental records and records from one's physical therapy should be included when applying for SSI, SSDI, and other benefits. Does anyone know? I am guessing at least records from PT should be included because my pelvic floor PT records are relevant, and I have seen a PT at a pain management center. Anyways, any thoughts? Please let me know! Thank you.
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    Re: Dental & Physical Therapy?

    I would definitely include the PT records --- I don't know about the dental ones.

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      Re: Dental & Physical Therapy?

      I can state I did win my case after going in front of the administrative law judge back in November. In fact, I actually got my first check last Wednesday. OK. I have not gotten the back pay as of now. We had gotten records from several doctors.(some that did not help my case any) Of course, I did read the 9 page report on what the judge used and did not use to make his favorable decision. (like having glaucoma was not helpful) (which I did figure) Regardless, I never thought to include any dental records at all. I had been to physical more than once during the whole time that I was trying to get on disability, but the judge never stated he had read any reports about that. (or I never did, either) That does not mean my lawyer was unaware and never contacted them at all. The lady working for him actually called while I was getting ready to go to PT once to make sure they knew all doctors to contact to get reports before going to court.(and mentioned that one) That must mean I am agreeing with Donna now. Yep.


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        Re: Dental & Physical Therapy?

        Yes to the PT, no to the dental (as long as you are not listing any dental/jaw problem on your application for SSD).

        I won my case in front of a judge a year ago. Afterwards, I got a long, long letter from the judge detailing what he thought about each "item of evidence". The most important things he mentioned were:

        My testimony matched up with the doctors' records.
        I came across as sincere and genuine.

        I also wrote a statement to him personally to include with my records, sort of like a "victim impact" statement, detailing in my own words what everyday life is like and what each one of my symptoms felt like - a bowling ball pushing on my bladder, a needle poking my vagina, etc. Don't be afraid to be graphic and extensive, because that judge is going to make a life-altering decision and he or she needs to understand what it is like to be you.
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