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    Does anyone have experience with getting disability leave from work approved? I've actually been out on disability leave for 2 months now. I've gotten certifications from three different physicians stating that I am unable to work but my claim has still been denied because in their words "my job is sedentary and they can't see how my condition is disabling" I'm in the process of appealing now.

    any input would be appreciated.

    a little background-
    I was just diagnosed with IC but i've had the symptoms since November 2013. It started with severe pain in my pelvic and lower back. Then I started having burning and blood with urination. Then I started having high frequency of 40+ times per day having to use the bathroom. Generally I wake up at least 4 times in the night to urinate. I've just started Elmiron along with Myrbetriq and Norco to try to get a handle of the symptoms as well as the IC diet.
    I do work in an office setting but I am a phone representative so my entire day is on the phone. These calls can easily last an hour or longer (you don't even want to know how many times I've had to put someone on hold to run to the bathroom) I'm not allowed to have any unscheduled breaks. I was able to get a work accommodation but it only allows me three breaks per day (instead of two) and they have to be taken at a specific time otherwise it counts against me.

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    Re: work disability leave

    If you would be able to work with more bathroom accommodations, I suggest you talk with your doctor about being specific about what's needed. The disability law requires employers to provide what's need to allow people to work.

    Stay safe

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      Re: work disability leave

      gosh I'm not even close to going back to work yet. We're still trying to find a way to get my IC under control. My doctor put me on disability because between the frequency, the pain, and pressure I am just not functional. When I was still working I was going on break up to 10 times a day to use the bathroom or try to deal with the pain I was feeling (stretching, taking meds etc)
      It's just so odd to me that medical professionals can support my need to be out of work but not the company