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Denied Disability Benefits after 9 years (Help)

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  • Denied Disability Benefits after 9 years (Help)

    Dear Ones'

    I've been on claim for quite some time now and my Disability Insurance plan through work (and ERISA) plan denied me further benefits saying that I no longer qualify medically. Granted my symptomology has only gradually worsened.


    1) I have to start logging my pain and voiding amount, can anyone recommend a good iPad application to use that easily interpreted because I will be appealing their decision

    2) Has anyone ever faced this with an ERISA (through your company)?

    3) Can you recommend great resources (i.e., case law or case history or anything else for that matter) to under gird my very legitimate and substantial claim.

    I would be indebted to anyone who could provide insight and direction.

    Thanks so much ... Me and My IC

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    Re: Denied Disability Benefits after 9 years (Help)

    I am so sorry to hear that...
    I used an app called Symple, but they changed it so you can't program your own symptoms. don't like it as much
    i'm wondering what about a simple Excel Table? time of day, voiding, pain, all in one. you can make tables from the data, but also just print it out...
    good luck and keep us updated! sure others will have much more info. have you called the IC helpline?


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      Re: Denied Disability Benefits after 9 years (Help)

      The key here is establishing an evidence trail of continuing disability combined with doctor support of the claim. So, I completely agree with and encourage the voiding and pain diaries. Every patient on disability should do them atleast quarterly and have them placed in their medical records at their doctors office. This is substantial evidence and proof of continued disability.

      App - Check out the Urotoday App which logs frequency though I'm not sure if it logs pain or not.

      I'm shocked about the ERISA... and have no experience with that. I think that's something the attorney has t work through.

      Check out the case of Sue Roush in the ICN Disability Resource Center. (Click on ICN Front page, then go to patient resources on the pull down menu. You'll see it) She appealed all the way to the federal court and won. Her case was based entirely on the subjective vs. objective nature of her symptoms. You can look her case up by her name.

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