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Getting ready to file for disability....questions?

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  • Getting ready to file for disability....questions?

    Hi Everyone,
    I have already filed for disability and of course I was turned down because at the current time I was working full time (don't ask me how). I am no longer working, are my chances greater now that I am not working? What is the process if my attorney is going to refile? My last job I worked from May 2014 until August 2015 and I had 3 bladder surgeries and several emergency room visits. The job before that I applied and received 3 different FMLA leaves with multiple surgeries and being rushed to the ER from work with my bladder. Do I need to get all this paperwork sent to me to have or wait and let them request it. I am just want to know all I need to do so that I can better my chances at getting disability this time around. My next step in treatment is going to be removal but I would like to get on disability before that can happen. I also have been diagnosed with severe anxiety and currently take 2 meds a day for that plus I am pretty sure they are going to add depression to this as well. I think I have PFD and it is going to be discussed in October at my next dr's appt. And I may have IBS, we thought treating the anxiety would help with that issue but it has gotten worse. I am just not sure about all of this and would love any advice anyone could give me!
    Many Thanks!!
    Autumn May

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    Re: Getting ready to file for disability....questions?

    I just noticed you have not gotten any replies so far. You will get one now. I am retired and disabled,by the way. I did leave my last job on retirement disability and finally got on SSD as well.(2 different checks each month) OK. It does help for a person not to be working first of all. You attorney will know the process. Of course, it would be right to appeal the decision for you to be denied. (or you put refile) (as in starting over) Appealing would be better.(unless the time to appeal is over with) I actually had letters and documentation from several doctors.(even some that did not help my case any)(which I finally went in front of an administrative law judge) OK. The lawyer did obtain most of the information, but I still have copies of all of it.(even now) Make sure you do add all the diagnoses that may help your case. Oh, yeah! The judge even had a list of all of my medications. (and asked if I ever got any side effects) If you have to nap a lot, then you can state that as well. I just put that because I am good at napping. Oh, yeah! You may never have to go in front of a ALJ, but many people have had to. That would be a while away, too. You have to be denied more than once first of all. (then wait several more months to find out when and where to show up) I have been legally parking in handicap spaces; therefore, the judge was aware. I have been using a cane; therefore, the judge was aware. He got to view it as well. I never got sent to one of the Social Security doctors, or whatever some people have to do, but you may be told you will have to. You won't get rich, but you will get paid each month if you finally win. OK. I don't have a wife and/or any kids at all.(and get paid twice a month) (except some people on disability never have any cash left over) Hey! I like being honest, by the way. I have even typed more than I had planned to. OK. I can let that be all now.