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    I have been keeping a void/pain diary for almost a year now (my Uro know this), and plan on bringing it to him on my next visit to have put into my medical records as well as refer me to a pain management facility. My question is how in depth or thorough should this diary be in regards to amount of information?

    I currently keep records of my pain level each time I have to pee, the time of day (in 2400 military style format) i.e. frequency, and whether I have urgency alongside these or not.

    I keep when (time of day) and what meds I take in this diary. If I am able sleep, and put notes on if I have nausea, where pain is, and list of symptoms like chills, urethra burn/pain, etc.

    I was diagnosed with IBS-C about 6 months ago, and keep some information related to that in the log (time of day, and pain or cramping associated/chills, and type of BM).

    Should I just keep to the basic information specifically for my IC void diary i.e.....Time of day(frequency), pain threshold level on scale 1-10, and whether I have any urgency or not each time I void my bladder.

    I am keeping this diary with the purpose of filing for SSD, as I had a second systoscopy and a hydrodistension just shy of a year ago. My original systoscopy with biopsy was done for my initial diagnosis 11 years ago. I am already medically retired from my job as a police officer going on two and half years now. Along with my IBS-C and IC I have arthritis of my hips due to my job, and two herniated discs in my neck, and sciatica with a herniated disc in my lower back.

    My Uro will no longer script pain meds(was taking at least Tramadol 50 mg each night), so I really had a difficult time the last few months of being a constant flare. On top of this my IBS seems to trigger my IC as well.

    I am hoping that I get SSD based on my totality of medical problems., and the fact that I am already approved for medical disability from my job.

    Thanks in advance.
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    Diagnosed in 2005.
    Currently take Tramadol 50 mg, Amtryptiline 25 mg, and Hydroxizine 50mg at bedtime. Also take Pyridiium or Ultira-C on a rotating basis, and Gelnique as needed as well.

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    Re: Void Diary

    It sounds like you're keeping a good diary; the only thing I don't see is approximately how much is voided each time. You may need to see a pain management specialist for pain medications.

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      Re: Void Diary

      I can state you seem to be keeping a good diary as well. I don't normally count how many times that I end up urinating in a day. Of course, it is frustrating for me to. Oh! It has been done for a few days more than once. (to tell the urologist up in Augusta) OK. The amount of times has lessened some. (and still more than some IC'ers) Anyhow, I did leave my last job, my custodial job at Georgia Southern University, on retirement disability. In fact, I think that it took all of 5 weeks for me to learn that I was approved.(once I finally tried) (though I had not been working longer than that) OK. I was still considered an employee until then. Anyhow, what I wanted to state was that it still took me 3 years to get approved to be on SSD.(or got the approval letter a month shy of 3 years) Hey! It may help your case for all I know. I have heard of some veterans getting disability from the VA and then getting denied from the SSA. (or at least first try) By the way, I have got to finish my Disability Update Report and send back to see if I am still considered disabled enough.(or if they will need additional information) (only6 questions) OK. That will be all now.