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ICN Special Report on Managing Pain - Advance Look!

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  • Kara29
    This issue looks wonderful!

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  • Kara Isabel
    Thanks Jill!

    I'm very excited about this issue! I may have to buy extra issues for my DOCTORS! lol


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  • ICN Special Report on Managing Pain - Advance Look!

    We have finally finished the ICN Special Report on Pain: A Guide to Managing IC & Bladder Pain. It will be available by print and email next week barring any catastrophes during the print process. This is our largest special report to date at 28 pages!

    This is a comprehensive look at IC pain, why it occurs, how we can determine what is contributing to pain, and a look at the many treatments currently available, including the use of opiates, muscle relaxants and alternative therapies.

    I'd like to thank Stacey Shannon for contributing two articles and her excellent editing skills! Stacey provides a superb article "Seven Self- Help Strategies for IC Patients" and "Feeling The Pain: Don't Ignore Your Emotions." I've written the "Guide to Managing IC & Bladder Pain." It also includes the lecture Dan Brookoff gave last summer on pain management and IC.

    I would like to thank Dr. Jay Burstein and Dr. Dan Brookoff for their ideas, support and encouragement. I hope we've gotten all typos... it's been sent through editing about a dozen times.

    Here's the cover!