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    There's a new virus out there --- new just today. It's a good idea to update your virus protection.

    If you get an email with a subject line of any of the following:

    Worm Detected! Virus Detected! Spyware Alert! Warning! Trojan Alert! Undeliverable: Virus Det

    Or variations of warning messages

    Delete the email and absolutely do NOT open any attachments.

    Stay safe

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    Thanks Donna for the heads up.


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      Thanks Donna for keeping us up to date.


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        Thanks for the heads up Donna


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          Thanks Donna, I think we will be ok because we only open are mail to the ones we know. Thanks for head-up on it.

          Sending hugs, Trishann


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            Oh Darn, a computer virus! I had my hopes up and thought they found a new virus that was the cause of IC!!! Bummer...


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              I checked and I believe the name of the trojan virus is Trojan.Peacomm!zip. Just so you know, the maker of norton virus protection and other products, post all virus, worms and trojan virus etc. on the internet. You may want to know that there were a total of 5 new virus etc on April 12 alone. You only hear about the ones that spread quickly but there are several new ones everyday. Too bad these people don't put their brains to use for something good instead of distructive.

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