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Our Sympathy & Condolences to Virginia Tech

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    Tragic and heartbreaking. Prayers to the families

    There can not be a crisis next week. My schedule is already full.

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      Mary, I was 10 at the time of the Texas shootings in 1966 and remember everything about it. I have been in tears on and off for the past few days. Just a reminder that me and my health issues are not the end of the world.


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        I think that for those of us who were RA's in dorms, it's particularly eerie. I would have been that person who would have tried to mediate the fight in that dorm room, just like the male RA tried to do before he and the girl were shot and killed. It's just senseless!

        I thought the service today was wonderful, though. I hope that it is helping them to know that so many others truly care and are sending them our love.

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          On, there are profiles and pictures of the people killed. I almost couldn't bear to read them. Every victim was an important, unique, loved person. It's such a senseless tragedy.
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            We also lost a Canadian professor in this awful shooting at Virginia Tech.

            Jocelyne Couture-Nowak, a French-language professor from Truro, N.S.
            Her husband, Virginia Tech horticulture professor Jerzy Nowak also work at the Virginia Tech was not hurt in the shooting yesterday..

            My deepest Sympathy and Condolences go to Professor Nowak in the lost of his wife yesterday..

            Thinking positive has got me through to another day!!


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              "Never Give Up."

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                I also feel a great deal of sympathy for the family of the shooter. This has to be a horrible burden for them to bear. It's just a horribly heartbreaking week for everyone.

                Stay safe

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                  I have been thinking about them also, Donna. The media was all camped out in their neighborhood and probably will be for weeks to come. (At what point is THAT considered stalking?)

                  They lost a child too........and likely are not only stricken with grief about that, but you know they are thinking about the others killed. My daughter is engaged to a Korean man and she said, in the Asian cultures, the "shame" of this could literally destroy the parents too. We need to pray for them........God help heart is breaking...........
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                    I was so horrible what happened to UT. There is something terribly wrong with the World we have today as we all know it. It seems to me some of these kids are so lost and have no sense at all of what they are doing or they do and are just coldblooded like this young Man at UT. .Hear me what he done was so devastating to the whole country. WE will 4 ever remember this day! MY heart and soul goes out to friends and family of vitems. God Bless there soul and I am keeping them all in my prayers! WE don't need anymore of this that is for sure!



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                      This is just horrible.
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                        My oldest is in college and when I heard about the shootings I had to pick up the phone and call him just to hear his voice. I cried like a baby when he answered his phone. He was really torn up about the shootings too, and his school was having a memorial service to honor the victims and he was planning on attending.

                        I can't imagine getting that phone call that so many parents got the other day. It tears me up inside. Such senseless tragedy and loss!

                        I really feel for the shooter's family too. I can't imagine how they must feel right now.

                        for everyone involved!
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                          I feel real grief of what happened at VT. I will pray for each family there. As well I know each of you are doing. I just can not believe this has happened. May God Bless each family there and the USA!!!! Bamafan


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                            family of shooter

                            I am sure the family of the shooter was not aware of the depth of his sickness nor would I ever think any less of anyone Korean because of this but before you turn any more thoughts to the family of the shooter, I think you should be aware of this. The townhouse they lived in is not more than 30 minutes away from me and is in an expensive area (they call a $600,000 townhouse middle income in DC area) and Cho did not grow up in poverty as he is claiming in his manifesto. The parents were evidently hard working owners of a dry cleaners; however they were not citizens and never became citizens in a 15 year period and to those of who are native born and have lost everything due to IC and other illnesses, Cho and his family did pretty well for themselves. I think my point is that eventually I hope people continue to show as much compassion for the victims and their families as they are now and that the spin by the media does not give any more attention than is due to this "killer".