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  • Chain emails and security

    After Jill posted about caution on the internet, I thought about the many chain emails I receive (which, by the way I do not forward). The thing is that if you put your information on the email and forward it --- do you have any idea how many people are sharing that information?

    I am extremely protective about my personal information --- and I urge you to use extreme caution in doing "chains."

    Stay safe

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    That is an excellent point, Donna. It's so sad that there are people out there who take advantage of people and awful situations. Such a shame.

    Hugs and love,
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      Thanks Donna,
      This info is very important..
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        Hi Donna, I totally agree, one of my friends always sends me a lot of those, and I always delete them. It is better to be safe than sorry. Thanks for posting, hugs Iris. hi hat
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          I also agree this is something to beware of and it really makes you stop and thank.
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            I've always had many emails forworded to me, some are: jokes, urban legends, warning about "so called viruses, some are; I guess intended to be very inspirational, others "things going around at the time".....Most of these I start to read and delete...some, if very short, I might read...and a very few, I might want to share with a friend....however, I would never just forward anything....If I want to use the contents of this email, it's very easy to just copy and paste the part of that you want to send...nothing will appear showing anything, except your email to them...and while on this subject....I just wanted to say, about how we all get these emails or even read them as post, about ....a virus, a "free product", a scare in a parking lot, to even checking on your PC to see if a certain icon is there...and this one goes on to say,,,delete it if you see a teddy bear..."Have you had that one"?...I have a few times....Please, go to check everything out to see if it's an urban legend, a chain letter that is totally "not true" of these even tells you to delete it if you see that "teddy bear icon in your files....I"m sure many people deleted a very important file that's part of the windows system....because of this...yes,...the teddy bear is there...but it's supposed to be...after all it's part of the system...Usually when I receive an email or read about something like this...I go to check it out in several urban legend sites, and virus really find out if it's true...then if it's not true and shows it's not..I email back the "friend" that sent it to the site to see that it's not they can read it for themselves...I"ve read things on this site...that I knew where not true...but hestitated to try to post to correct them...and then later,,,,thank goodness, it was corrected...from someone...Thanks...for those postings...I realize that everyone is not so "up" on "computer stuff", and some of the things out there we read about can really scare some people that just dont' realize how this stuff just goes around the web like wildfire....I think it's good to have these post to help everyone, in order to help us all realize that everything you read on the internet..."is not always the truth"....thanks everyone for those posts to help us with a very important part of being able to use our computer for the "best way to learn about the things that are important and are correct...."