Woohoo!!! It's done!!! I've been working on this issue for several days and hope you find it helpful! - Jill

IN THIS ISSUE (July 4th, 2011):
  1. Finding Health Insurance
  2. Finding Affordable or Free Health Care
  3. Facing Large Health Bills That You Can't Pay
  4. Disability Resources
  5. Food Programs
  6. Home Energy Programs
  7. Drug Assistance Programs
  8. Elmiron Shortage Update
  9. Living with IC Video Series - Summer Vacation Ideas, Water
  10. The Latest IC/BPS Research
  11. New Articles, Blogs & Podcasts
  12. Chef Dan Norton - How to maintain healthy iron levels
  13. Self-Help Tip of the Month - Back to the basics when treating pain
  14. We're Looking for MD & PT Recommendations Throughout The World
  15. We're Looking for Bladder Photos
  16. IC Support Opportunities
  17. New Resources in the ICN Shop

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