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Utira-C vs. Urogesic Blue?

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  • Utira-C vs. Urogesic Blue?

    I can no longer get Utira-C and something called Urogesic Blue was substituted. Has anyone had any experience with this drug?? it looks like it has the same ingredients but the dosage is different.

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    It seems that those drugs tend to change a lot. I had the same experience when I was taking urelle. There is an ingredient in those that is hard to get so the pharmacies get them from the company at the time that has them. They should be the same thing. I know when I was taking them and trying to check the indredients they were such long words they were printed microscopically on the label! I had to use a magnifying glass to read them. Did you ask the pharmacist? If you are concerned, give them a call.
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