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Elmiron Shortage Temporary!

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    I really would like to know if this is the same drug you take? Its manufactured in India. Seems to help people with Ic as well. I wish I could find out more about this drug. Saddly its not in the US yet.


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      I have thrown all of my prescription drugs in the garbage anyway. Nothing seemed to help me. I now only take Desert Harvest Aloe capsules and use prelief as well as watching my diet. I have been pain free for almost 5 months now and my life has been changed by the aloe capsules!


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        Originally posted by giabella View Post
        I am just starting pain for over 2 months straight now with 3 little kids at home. I am wondering if I should stop it and try again when the supply is filled. I only have a one month supply anyway.
        I was really putting hope into this drug. Sad.

        Most of the pharmacies here in chapel hill, NC are out of it.


        Try the Desert Harvest Aloe Vera Capsules. I've ordered them through the IC network and they have worked for me for the past five months. I'm so sorry for you to be in pain especially with your children.

        Hopefully this will work for you!


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          Have you tried Desert Harvest Aloe Vera Capsules?

          This is for everyone who has tried Desert Harvest Aloe Vera Capsules.

          I took my first 6 capsules a few days ago along with 2 calcium carbonnate with Vitamin D capsules, also from Desert Harvest, I noticed a difference in the first day, which is possible but not to be expected. However, I experienced some GI symptoms on day 2 after I took 2 aloe vera capsules with my lunch and one Calcium Carbonnate. I was in the bathroom about an hour later with what felt like a mild stomach flu. I also experienced what seemed like a mild flare. However, I have no way of knowing what caused the symptoms because I sat next to a man in my doctor's office the day before who told me that he'd just recovered from a stomach bug.

          How did you introduce Desert Harvest into your regimen? Did you take it with Elmiron? Have you tried the Calcium Carbonnate etc.

          I drank coffee after having taken the calcium carbonnate and I did not experience the usual mild to moderate increase in symptoms that I usually do.

          I firmly believe in the integrity of Desert Harvest but I'd like to hear from some of you. I plan to take it with Elmiron for the forseeable future because I have a decent supply of it.

          I think I read that some people do experience mild to moderate GI symptoms when first using Desert Harvest but these people can usually tolerate the capsules if they approach them a little more slowly etc.

          ICN Persistent


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            If you google calcium carbonate side effects you'll find GI symptoms listed.

            Stay safe

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              calcium carbonate

              Hi Donna,

              Once again you have provided a useful reply. Thank you so much. I plan to introduce the desert harvest aloe vera without the calcium carbonate for the time being. I should know better than to introduce more than one new ingredient at a time into my diet. The symptoms associated with calcium carbonate help to explain what I experienced especially since I took 2 pills the first day and one the next day with food.

              Thanks again Donna!! I can always count on you.


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                Comfora I tried to check into this a bit but could not find much either, when you read about it it sounds a lot like elmiron.

                One site said it was for arthritis and in my little knowledge of Swedish it may even be glocosumin.

                But I don't know for sure, just my best guess.

                My are with you all. May you all find a way to peace and joy in your lives.


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                  I live in Portland, OR and called in a refill request to my Fred Meyer Pharmacy as soon as I heard of the Elmiron shortage. They had no problem filling my prescription in 2 days. Fred Meyer is owned by Kroger Stores -- I don't know if Kroger is in your area but if it is, you might want to check with them.


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                    Elmiron shortage

                    I called my doctor's office and the nurse was very helpful with getting me a one month refill. She was very clear with me that I should not be reducing my daily dose in order to conserve. She did recommend to me that when I pick up the prescription I place a refill order right away, that way they have 30 days to locate Elmiron for me. Fingers crossed. This medication helps me and I fear the possibility of having to stop taking it because of shortage issues.


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                      that was extremely kind of your dr. office to locate the elmiron for you.
                      I cannot imagine my doctor's office doing that, but i will try tomorrow.
                      I have medco as my pharmacy.. it is a mail order pharmacy and they said they had none!

                      Did anyone get it from medco. they sent back my RX a few weeks ago with no explanation. i had to call call and call them...


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                        Ordered mine through North West Pharmacy

                        Our CVS had none and called around to other CVS's in the area but none had any. So my mom called her Dr. He recommended North West Pharmacy its a Canadian Pharmacy so I ordered it through them. We will see how this goes. Never ordered from them before but I thanked them for the suggestion.


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                          Don't give up hope

                          Apparently there is a very, very, very small amount that is being slowly released by the wholesalers that the pharmacies go through. I had 2 different pharmacies checking with their wholesalers for me on a daily basis and it paid off BIG TIME!. Luckily, I had called early in the day (I was constantly checking in with them to ensure they were indeed doing this on a daily basis). By some absolute miracle, the wholesaler that one of the pharmacies used indicated that they were releasing 4 bottles of Elmiron. The pharmacist was able to immediately claim them for me so now I have a 3 month supply. I am very happy, big sigh of relief on that one, at least for now. I just pray that this shortage doesn't go on for too long. Not sure how long luck will be on my side for this one.


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                            I also was lucky and received mine last week from my mail order pharmacy. Maybe the shortage is close to being over so everyone can have what they need. I hope so!


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                              I'm so UPSET-TOLD they are not making Elmiron anymore.

                              I just ran out of Elmiron , and went to refill my prescription.

                              The pharmacy-WALGREENS, left me some long rambling message about how "it's been awhile" and they can't get Elmiron anymore and to call my doctor and get something else. ( I don't refill every month, because when I'm doing good I take less and spread the prescrip. out more-per my doctor's instructions)

                              LOL! yeah-get something else-if only it were that easy

                              So I called and very hard to understand the Pharmacist, but she told me they are "not making Elmiron anymore" and "she couldn't help me", and was extremely cold and non helpful with any information.

                              I'm so upset. My yearly doctor appt. with my urologist is not until end of August. and he is impossible to get an appointment with, takes months.

                              I am in Tears. Is this true?
                              Diagnosed with IC in 9/2005,
                              Currently doing good, taking breaks from Elmiron, reduced amount.


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                                This is NOT true. They are still making Elmiron. I called the company myself. It's just not enough to go around. So, if you can go down to two or one pill a day for awhile to conserve, you should. I'm doing okay on 2 a day so far and it's been over a month. The company still plans to make Elmiron and is doing so slowly. I pray the shortage is over soon too!
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