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Foley Catheters & Men - BioDerm Can Reduce Infections

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  • Foley Catheters & Men - BioDerm Can Reduce Infections

    BioDerm releases facts about Foleys – A look at the costs and complications of a $2 billion healthcare disgrace and how Liberty3.0(TM) can reduce these costs.

    Tue, 31 May 2011

    LARGO, FL USA (Press Release) - May 31, 2011 - Catheter-associated urinary tract infections (CAUTI) are the most common hospital acquired infection in US hospitals today, costing an overburdened healthcare system more than $2 billion each year.1

    Today BioDerm released, Facts about Foleys, an easy-to-use fact sheet on the complications and costs associated with Foley catheters. With information on complication rates, costs and reimbursement, Facts about Foleys highlights the urgency required to challenge accepted standards of care and introduce alternatives. CAUTI are preventable infections, primarily associated with Foley catheters. They make up 40% of all hospital acquired infections.1

    Foley catheters cause up to 86% of all hospital acquired UTIs.3 The CDC estimates that more than 560,000 of these infections occur each year and are the top cause of secondary blood stream infections, causing more than 13,000 deaths per year.2 Each time a catheter-associated UTI develops, it costs the hospital $3,383 to treat and can add up to 4.6 days to a hospital visit.1

    The Association for Professionals in Infection Control (APIC) published a Cost Calculator for Hospital Acquired Infections that estimates the annual per incident cost to a 400+ bed hospital to be*:

    *Cost estimates are based on a large (400+ bed) non-teaching hospital in the northeast. National incidence rates and costs will vary.


    Liberty3.0™, manufactured by BioDerm, is new technology for men’s urinary management which drastically reduces the risk of infection. Liberty3.0’s hydrocolloid adhesive seals around the urinary opening, providing an occlusive barrier to bacteria. A completely external device, Liberty3.0 eliminates the pathways to infection associated with an invasive indwelling catheter.

    In April 2011, the one millionth Liberty3.0 was sold. Since coming on the market in 2005, users have reported ZERO urinary tract infections attributable to Liberty3.0. In May 2011, BioDerm launched a program to introduce Liberty3.0 to acute care facilities with Tacy Medical. BioDerm will also be introducing Liberty3.0 to long term care facilities. BioDerm General Manager, John DeBella, commented: “Many catheter-associated urinary tract infections are avoidable. Preventing them can save thousands of lives and billions of dollars. But challenging the current standard of care, requires a radical new awareness of the problem and the solution.”

    “We are thrilled to reach the 1 million mark with Liberty3.0, without a single attributable UTI. We are working hard to expand awareness of this revolutionary product within the entire healthcare community. Together, we can save the healthcare system billions and improve the standard of care for patients in every hospital in the US today.”

    To view Facts about Foleys: click here.
    For more information on Liberty3.0, please contact us or visit us online at

    Calculated using the TMIT-APIC Healthcare Associated Infections Cost Calculator. Available online at: GuidelinesStandards/Cost_Calculators.htm. Last accessed: May 18, 2011.
    Gould, Carolyn, Catheter-associated urinary tract infection (CAUTI) toolkit, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Available at Last accessed: May 18, 2011.
    StringhamJ, Young N. Using MedPARdata as a measure of urinary tract infection rates: implications for the Medicare inpatient DRG payment system. PerspectHealth InfManag2005 Dec 8;2:12. Available at: Last accessed May 18, 2011.
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