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Embarrassing Bodies TV Show to Cover IC - July 11th

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  • Embarrassing Bodies TV Show to Cover IC - July 11th

    Here's a new website I wasn't aware of and, wow, am I impressed. You know you're dealing with a real life site when the front page shows a video on how to examine testicles for cancer. You'll find shows on a wide variety of topics from hemorrhoids to IBS to vericose veins to, well, it's all there. Just browse and be prepared to both admire and be abit stunned at the directness the Brits use when talking about these medical conditions.

    - - - - - - - July 11th will feature a show on IC - - - - - - - - - -

    A SURGEON from the Spire Harpenden Hospital will feature on Channel 4’s top health programme Embarrassing Bodies.

    Abdalla Fayyad, consultant gynaecologist and specialist in bladder and prolapse problems, will be on the show to be aired next month.

    He will conduct laparoscopy and cystoscopy surgery on a 16-year-old patient suffering from painful bladder syndrome. Emma Luther from Newcastle met Embarrassing Bodies resident GP, Dr Christian, to discuss severe bladder pain and pain she had been experiencing during periods.

    Following Dr Christian’s advice, Emma visited Mr Fayyad at Spire Harpenden Hospital where he performed diagnostic laparoscopy and cystoscopy and a bladder biopsy, where a sample was taken from the bladder wall for lab examination, to assess the cause of her pain. Mr Fayyad said: “I was surprised to find that Emma suffers from a rare condition called interstitial cystitis.

    “She was successfully diagnosed and treated after the procedure, which eased her suffering from the chronic pain.”

    Abdalla Fayyad and Emma Luther will be featured on Embarrassing Bodies, at 9pm on Monday, July 11.
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