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Pet Food Recall - Full list of brand names

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    Pedigree is safe.


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      Saw on last night that Science Diet Dry Cat Food is being recalled...just the regular catfood, I think, but you might want to check to make sure.


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        Only one specific brand of Hills Science Diet was recalled. It was the prescription diet called M/D. This food was made with the contaminated wheat gluten. Please go to for more information on the recalled foods for this company.


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          Thanks for posting more accurate info than I could remember!


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            You Can Also Add Alpo Canned Food To The List

            GO YANKEES
            :woohoo: :woohoo:


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              Also, now one of the snacks-- beef jerky strips.


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                What boggles my mind is that anyone would buy ANY food products from China. With more than half of their rivers completely poisoned and the air pollution levels so high that tourists report seeing crops covered with grey or white powder, why ... oh why... would we buy any foods from China.

                I just had some good friends return from a trip to the Chinese mainland. They both became horribly ill, described appalling levels of pollution, etc. What amazed me the most, however, was that they discovered that the sewage lines in hotels are not required to be vented outside of the hotel. thus, any build up of methane gas etc. goes right back into the hotel rooms up the toilet and shower drains. They had to open the windows wide to sleep safely despite cold weather.

                Sooo... with so many American & Canadian farmers struggling to survive, shouldn't we be buying from them instead??? Even if it costs more, the safety of our families, our pets and our long term futures are worth any price. I mean, sheeshhh!!!

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                  latest list as of april 4



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                    It makes me angry that someone is perfectly willing to endanger the lives of our much loved pets in the quest for the almighty dollar! We will continue to purchase "home grown" dog food from a natural foods store for our Meggie.

                    We were having a family discussion about this and decided that there are some people who deserve to go broke --- and the pending law suits just might at least make some dents in a few wallets!

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                      Every aspect of how this came about just makes my blood boil. I think there should be some kind of testing at our points of entry for these types of things - foodstuffs that are being used in the manufacture of anything to be consumed by Pet and Owner alike. Isn't there already something like that in place??? If so will it make them tougher in testing etc.?? I was appalled when I read that it's cheaper to import the wheat gluten than it was to get it domestically - no wonder our farmers etc are struggling.... Sometimes there are more important things than money, have they no concept of the trickle down theory? The more we utilize our own, the better they do, the more money they have to spend etc etc etc....ugh.
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