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  • Shiutsa Update #8

    Shiutsa Update # 9
    April 25, 2007

    Folks, I merged all of the Shiutsa updates into this one thread... because there were just too many and it was so off the topic of IC. Unfortunately, it put the 8 posts in consecutive order from the beginning so rather than have you go through it all, I thought that I would just post the latest update, today's, at the top of this list!

    Thank you all for your support. Today was Shiutsa's official launch day... the first day when he was allowed to go outside all by himself. His leg has improved dramatically in the past week... to the point that he does not limp at all. So, he happily went out at 8:30AM this morning then sauntered back in, according to my family, at 11:30... ready for his afternoon nap.

    Of course, we agonized over this. Shiutsa is an outside cat who loves his independence and, luckily, we live on a hillside that is very safe overall. Very little traffic, etc. He managed to escape the house yesterday and had a blissful one hour with his girlfriend up the street and yowled angrily when we brought him home. So, Shiutsa has spoken. He wants to get back to his routine rather than be left inside, which he hated. We think it's important that he do the things which make him happy and visiting his girl is one big thing to him! I am going to keep him inside in the evenings though so that I can give him his heart medicine!! Wish us luck! What a journey... wow! Thanks again for all of your support!!! - Jill)


    April 7, 2007
    Well, as I sit here writing this at 11PM Saturday night, it is with relief and worry. My little cat, Sammy, had an emergency in the middle of the week when a small stick got caught behind her palate. I worked late, came home at 7:30 and notice her gagging. Asked my folks "does anyone know why sammy is gagging?" They hadn't noticed. She couldn't eat or drink without spitting up. Long story short, she had to have her throat scoped where they find this 1" long needle like thing wedged up behind her palate.

    As a cat lover, I was up all night with her, gave myself a wicked stress induced IC flare (thank god for pain meds & muscle relaxants which I definitely used that night) and absolutely lost an entire 24 hours to worry. She's good now... and sleeping on my lap after recovering well.

    Then, this morning, my other cat Shiutsa (I have 2 cats! ) was in the worst crisis of his life. I got up early to go to the ICN office to work on a project and went out in the garage to put some clothes in the dryer. I could hear him meowing but didn't know where he was. I thought he was in the attic above me... but he was actually deep inside a plastic tarp underneath an old family piano bench where he had crawled to safety. I dug him out frantically... it's a miracle he didn't suffocate... to discover that his right hind leg was completely dislocated or broken.

    Mad dash to the vet... cat screaming in pain in the car and in the office. Jill rubbing his face for ten minutes in the room to let him know he wasn't alone. I think he appreciated that. Vet examines him and says that his leg isn't broken... that he suspected a dislocation. Thus, he's off to xray and I'm off to my car to drive home and wait "the news" and, of course, thinking the worst.

    Four hours of agony later, we get bad news. It's not the hip that's dislocated but a joint next to the spine. It's about 1/4" off... but that's enough to damage the nerve that controls that leg. So, he's now tucked away on painkillers at the vet for a few days to see if he responds to steroids. The vet said that many many cats do respond quite well and get function back in their leg. If not, we're looking at an amputation. ::::sigh::::

    Here's the hard part.... I have wicked neighbors who moved in with two feral cats who constantly attack Shiutsa. I don't know if he could survive on three legs. He hates being inside... loves being outside. And these neighbors could care less. Soooo... if we do amputate, it will probably be a few weeks of being forced to stay in the house and, gods, he's going to hate that. On the otherhand, his wounds are not life threatening at all.... and he's a great cat.

    We don't think he was hit by a car because there were no fractures and because he was in our closed garage which requires a 5 foot jump, we seriously doubt that he could have done that with this injury. More likely a neighbors evil cat (yes, we call them the evil cats because one literally throws herself at the windows to get to my cats in the house. it's creepy) was about in some nefarious way.

    In any case, I would appreciate any and all prayers you can offer my Shiutsa and Sammy. They are my babies who comfort me when I'm not feeling well and I love them dearly.

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    Hope your cats recovery quickly!

    Feel better soon, Jill!
    (o.O )
    (> < ) This is Bunny. He's on his way to world domination.


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      And pats for your kitties.

      Stay safe

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        ((((((HUGS)))))) To both you and the kitties.


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          oh no... sending you and the kitten hugs
          'The will of God will never take you where the Grace of God will not protect you.'


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            And many, many pats for the kitties!

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              Sending you and and your furbabies lots and lots of hugs and positive thoughts! I felt my stomach drop when I read your post, sending lots of prayers that the the steroids do the trick!!!!!
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                Jill I feel your pain, not being able to have any kids my kitties are my babies! I have 2 Maine Coons and one older domestic. My One Maine Coon At 12 weeks almost died ,due to a liver shunt. It's a day to day process with him requiring meds & special food.We have spent 10 thousand on our credit card last year in vet bills & am still paying. We would do anything for our pets ! It's heartbreaking to see them in pain or not well. I will be praying for your babies! Keep us posted on how they are doing.
                Hugs Sandra
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                  Oh no Jill, so sorry to hear about your cats. I will be thinking about them and you.

                  I have been diagnoised for 6 1/2 years now. I have taken a long break from the ICN but really miss helping out my fellow IC patients and want to get back into posting.
                  1st hydro 4/07 showed no visible signs of IC but tons of mast cells in all my biopsy samples which did prove IC.
                  2nd hydro 4/13/09 showed dark purple glomerulations and I had a capacity of 450 cc's. This hydro proved that my IC had progressed.
                  I have tried every oral medication as well as rescue instills and DMSO.

                  I have been lucky enough to see Dr Hanno, the top IC specialist in PA who has told me due to the fact that I have not responded to any "standard" treatments that I have a severe, end stage case of IC with a horrible quality of life (didn't have to tell me that last part!)

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                    Sending many hugs, and loving headbuts to your kitties so they get better!


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                      Sending lots of hugs and prayers for your kitties . I love cats, too. We have two and they are a huge comfort on days when I am feeling bad. Jill, I want to take this chance to tell you how much I appreciate all that you do for this IC forum. You will never know how many times I have gotten on here and just read the posts. It has helped me so much to know that there are other people going through IC, also. I have learned so much from this. THANKS!



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                        Sorry to hear about your babies. We have lost two of ours in the last few months due to medical problems, Jamie and Winter. We still have 8 babies yes I said 8, my friends tell me I will be the crazy cat lady when I get old. I tell them some people have 8 children and so do I. Names Simon, Toby, Pumpkin, Iris, Jupiter, Autumn, Angela and Ziggy.

                        All of our kitties stay inside. None of them have any desire to go outside, even the stray that had lived outside under our neighbors deck for over 5 years until we got her to let us pick her up, was great about staying inside for the year that we had her, unfortunaly we lost Jamie a month ago when her chest cavity filled with fluid and she couldn't breath. The vet thinks she had heart problems. I took her in because she was breathing heavy , they took an x-ray and while they were developing it she all at once couldn't catch her breath so we had to put her down. Her chest cavity was full of fluid, they think she had heart diesease and that caused the fluid. I am just glad that it happened at the vets office and not at home in the middle of the night.

                        We do feed a stray tom outside that my cats hate we call him Riley since he riles up our kitties. When he is injured from fights I clean him up with peroxide and he heals up until the next time. They are happy to watch the birds, squirrels and other critters outside and follow them from one window to the next.

                        I hope your kitty will be OK. Even kitties who have been outside adjust to being inside. Outside kitties have a life expectancy of 5 years, inside kitties 10 to 25 years. One of our kitties lived to be 16. I am a advocate for keeping kitties inside.

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                        Have Tried Elmiron (made me sick and hair loss)
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                        Cymbalta which made me dizzy and flushed
                        Lyrica gave me night terrors each night a different family member died very vivid now I know how they got the name night terrors


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                          Sending lots of hugs to you and your furbabies. Afterall, they are our children. Hoping you are also feeling better.


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                            Dear Jill,

                            I can totally relate as I have two cats and a 12 year old bunny rabbit. They are my only children. I will be keeping Shiutsa and Sammy in my prayers. I hope Shiutsa does not need an amputation but if he does, he will surely learn to adapt in time. I am sorry to hear about the evil cats/neighbors.

                            I hope your IC flare subsides.

                            Thinking of you and your kitties!



                            Ghengus and Justin pray for Sammy and Shiutsa

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                              Gosh Jill!! I am so sorry to hear about you kitties. I will say some prayers for the both of them and for you too!!

                              I hate it when my animals are hurt or sick. They can't tell you where it hurts or anything.

                              Meds I take:
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