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Hemorrhoids Can Be Treated - Don't let embarassment stop you

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    Good information Jill! Thanks!

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  • Hemorrhoids Can Be Treated - Don't let embarassment stop you

    I just had a visit from one of my favorite young interstitial cystitis and irritable bowel syndrome patients who shared that her father has been struggling horribly with hemorrhoids. They are SO bad and have progressed so far that he actually has to pop them back inside of his rectum several times a day. He's only in his 50's but is barely leaving the house now.

    The question is.. why hasn't he had them treated?? The answer is that he's fearful of having examinations "down there." Can't blame him. None of us doing like having tests, etc.. in the bowel region. On the otherhand, when your life is being limited so badly... it's time to bite the bullet AND take action.

    Hemorrhoids CAN be treated, often with something as simple as a cortisone suppository. That's what I use when mine occasionally act up and they work like a dream. Also, fair warning, hemorrhoids often occur as a result of straining due to constipation, colitis, etc. Thus, making sure that your bowel movements are regular and "soft" ... rather than hard... is important.

    Because so many IC patients have IBS, we also have to remember that some of the traditional constipation remedies (i.e. metamucil, bran cereals, etc.) don't work well for us because they are often too harsh, often contain insoluble (harsher & more irritating) fiber and stimulate an IBS attack. We have to use a soluble fiber, that's more gentle... and works very well for both diarrhea and constipation. I strongly recommend the Heathers' Tummy Care Acacia Fiber.. which I use twice a day. It's available in the ICN Shop and, for me, has dramatically controlled my IBS and reduced most hemorrhoid irritation, etc.

    You can find it at:

    So, please don't let embarassment stop you from getting care!!!! If sitting is painful due to hemorrhoids, please talk with your doctor. They can be treated easily and effectively. You shouldn't be popping anything back in side down there.. if that's happening, it's time to get care!

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    Jill O.