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Shiutsa Crossed The Rainbow Bridge Tonight

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  • Shiutsa Crossed The Rainbow Bridge Tonight

    I'm very sad to share that my Shiutsa passed tonight. When I came home from work, I found him in a neighbors yard, unable to walk. As soon as he saw me, he let out that meow that said "I'm hurt and need you badly."

    It turns out that he threw a massive blood clot from his heart to his aorta which then paralyzed his rear legs. They were cold to touch and he was in pain. So, my mom and I took him to the emergency vet hospital and held him to the very end. He passed very peacefully.... just fell asleep. But we, of course, are heart broken.

    It's a miracle that Shiutsa lasted this last month. After his accident and heart attack a month ago, the vet did not expect him to live through the night... much less to recover use of his leg fully. He was loved each and every day and he revelled in it. Lots of petting, baby talk, laps! He was cuddled by three households who are so sad to see him go. He slept on my bed every night and couldn't wait to go outside every morning. He wanted to go out early... but he had to wait until 8am when I could give him his heart pill.

    In any case, I am so very sad. His blanket is right next to this computer. I'll miss him so very much... but it was his time to pass and he knew it. He was saying goodbye to us.

    He's buried with his best buddies (Lysander, Oscar and Black Cat) under the honeysuckle vine in our back yard where his spirit can soar in the garden that he loved. I'm just so thankful that we had the chance to really tell him how much we loved him. He knew.

    Here's a few more pictures that I took two weeks ago! I really loved his orange polka dot !!! It was funny... whereever he had white fur, his skin was very sensitive. But, where it was red tabby, like on the polka dot, he loved to be petted! He's my shiutsa dootsa! He loved to be called that!

    All of my animals are rescues. Shiutsa came into our life as a kitten when some neighbors brought him home to young. He was left outside as a tiny kitten and climbed over a six foot fence to our yard... the first of thusands of visits. Then, six years later when they neighbors moved, they took him. We offered to keep him because we loved him... and they said. You can keep him if he comes home. Well, it took him three days... AND he crossed a 55 mph highway to come home.

    Lysander and Oscar were refugees of other old neighbors who should never had had cats and lived to old age. Black cat was dropped into our neighborhood as a juvenile cat... and starved for about six months until we all realized that he was starving. It took about a year to tame him to be petted. We lost him about two years ago to a tumor in his throat.

    My Sammy (Samantha) is my last animal now... she's the one who has twice been to the vet with grass stuck in her throat... so she's basically an inside cat now which is good. I think we're going to try to rescue a dog (that loves cats, of course) next.

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    I am so sorry for your loss. I know how hard it can be to lose a beloved pet. I'm glad you could be there for him to ease his final moments. I'm sure he was very grateful for your presence.


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      Jill I'm so very sorry for the loss of you beloved pet. I've been there myself, I wish I had more word's of comfort for you. But I also know how deep the hurt goes. Try to remember all the love you shared and the funny things he used to do , I can just now after lossing my Max , chat about him and laugh with my husband how funny he was . But inside I miss him so . Our pets share such a personal part of our lives , It really is a unspoken bond , when we are hurting they know and comfort us, he was hurting you knew & gave him the upmost comfort . That's the hardest & most humaine gift you could have gave him.
      God bless you both.
      Hugs Sandra
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        Oh Jill I am so sorry... I started crying when I see the pictures.. I am such an animal lover, but you did the right thing now hes in a better place and not in pain..But I know its still hard..(((((((hugs))))))))) and God bless you...

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          I am so sorry for your loss. He sounds like an amazing kitty. I love all of his pictures, you can even tell in the pictures that he loved you all and knew he was loved.


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            It hurts so much to lose a member of your family and Shiutsa was just that "a member of your family." I am so very sorry for your loss.

            He was a beautiful cat.
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              Oh sweetheart...I'm so sorry. It's so heartbreaking. My heart sank when I saw the thread and broke with the pictures as well. Know that you are in all of our hearts and thooughts and prayers. Call or write anytime when you need someone to talk to okay?

              Hugging you,


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                I'm sooooooo sorry.

                Stay safe

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                  Jill, so very sad for your lose of such a beautiful kitty. Her pictures are wonderful, it's so good she was love by you. suebee

                  Perhaps your Shiutsa is with the butterflies now.


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                    Close up of the butterflies: suebee
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                      Oh Jill, I am so so sorry to hear this. It's so hard when our furbabies leave us, even though I know it's usually their time when they do, I am selfish and wish they could be with us forever. I miss mine that have gone every day. When they leave it's like there's a hole they've left, when my Cali passed a couple years ago, there was a definite silence that you could hear and feel around here. I too am just down to my one kitty Missy, and I have determined to make her the princess of the house as I know their time with us seems so short.

                      Sending you lots and lots of hugs... And I am so glad you shared his photos with us, he was one beautiful baby and looks super sweet as well - with maybe just a bit of a devilish streak... For me it helped so much to do just that - remember the great things about them (I even dedicated a page in my journal just to Cali), I wrote down all her quirks, nicknames etc. Helped me through the sadness somehow....

                      Again, lots of hugs,
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                        Jill- so sorry about your furbaby. Hugs to you and your family.


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                          Oh No so sorry Jill. Sending you big hugs!


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                            I am so sorry for your loss.


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                              Jill; I am so sad to hear this !!
                              I know Shiutsa will be miss by you but you have all those wonderful memories and no one can take them away from you Jill..

                              Sending big (((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((JILL )))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) )))
                              Thinking positive has got me through to another day!!