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Attn: Patients in Texas - Urgent action needed to stop horse slaughter factories

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  • Attn: Patients in Texas - Urgent action needed to stop horse slaughter factories

    This just came to me from the Houston SPCA. Your action is definitely needed to prevent any horse slaughter factories from opening up again.

    Your Immediate Action Is Needed TODAY!

    The Houston SPCA has just learned that a Texas state senator plans on adding an amendment to a bill today which would legalize horse slaughter in Texas. This is the last day to amend bills in the Senate for this session, so if it does happen, it will be TODAY (5/23/07.)

    Therefore we urge you, desperately, to contact your senator and the Lieutenant Governor immediately and ask him or her to look for and oppose any amendment to any bill that would legalize horse Texas.

    Thank you for joining the fight.

    * * * Remember when contacting your state senator, always be respectful and polite. PLEASE ACT NOW! * * *
    * * * Please forward this call to action to any lists you subscribe to that concern the state of Texas * * *

    Not sure who represents you? Click here!


    (512) Phone / Fax


    Kip Averitt (R)

    463-0122 / 475-3729

    [email protected]

    Kenneth "Kim" Brimer (R)

    463-0110 / 475-3745

    [email protected]

    John J. Carona (R)

    463-0116 / 463-3135

    [email protected]

    Robert F. Deuell (R)

    463-0102 / 463-7202

    [email protected]

    Robert Duncan (R)

    463-0128 / 463-2424

    [email protected]

    Rodney Ellis (D)

    463-0113 / 463-0006

    [email protected]

    Kevin P. Eltife (R)

    463-0101 / 475-3751

    [email protected]

    Craig Estes (R)

    463-0130 / 463-8874

    [email protected]

    Troy Fraser (R)

    463-0124 / 475-3732

    [email protected]us

    Mario Gallegos (D)

    463-0106 / 463-0346

    [email protected]

    Chris Harris (R)

    463-0109 / 463-7003

    [email protected]

    Glenn Hegar (R)

    463-0118 / 475-3736

    [email protected]

    Juan "Chuy" Hinojosa (D)

    463-0120 / 463-0229

    [email protected]

    Mike Jackson (R)

    463-0111 / 475-3727

    [email protected]

    Kyle Janek (R)

    463-0117 / 463-0639

    [email protected]

    Eddie Lucio (D)

    463-0127 / 463-0061

    [email protected]

    Jane Nelson (R)

    463-0112 / 463-0923

    [email protected]

    Robert Nichols (R)

    463-0103 / 463-1526

    [email protected]

    Steve Ogden (R)

    463-0105 / 463-5713

    [email protected]

    Dan Patrick (R)

    463-0107 / 463-8810

    [email protected]

    Kel Seliger (R)

    463-0131 / 475-3733

    [email protected]

    Florence Shapiro (R)

    463-0108 / 463-7579

    [email protected]

    Eliot Shapleigh (D)

    463-0129 / 463-0218

    [email protected]

    Carlos I. Uresti (D)

    463-0119 / 463-1017

    [email protected]

    Leticia Van de Putte (D)

    463-0126 / 463-2114

    [email protected]

    Kirk Watson (D)

    463-0114 / 463-5949

    [email protected]

    Jeff Wentworth (R)

    463-0125 / 463-7794

    [email protected]

    John Whitmire (D)

    463-0115 / 475-3737

    [email protected]

    Royce West (D)

    463-0123 / 463-0299

    [email protected]

    Tommy Williams (R)

    463-0104 / 463-6373

    [email protected]

    Judith Zaffirini (D)

    463-0121 / 475-3738

    [email protected]

    Don't forget to contact:
    Lieutenant Governor David Dewhurst
    Capitol Phone: 512/463-0001Capitol Fax: (512) 936-6700
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    Thanks for the info will go on my email list!


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      It's actually been legalized nationally already I believe. This was a hot-button issue, but I'll have to check up to see if it did pass or not. If anyone else can find out first please do. thanks!