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Boston/Metrowest Features Dr. J. Dimitrakov - 3/24/07

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  • Gscheel
    I was able to meet Dr. Dimitrakow a few years ago when he still lived in another country (cant remember where), but he is an awesome person!! I really believe he is someone who can figure this problem out.

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  • Boston/Metrowest Features Dr. J. Dimitrakov - 3/24/07

    (Email from Molly Glidden, SGL for the Boston Metrowest Support Group)

    We are excited to announce as speaker for our March Meeting;
    Dr. Jordan Dimitrakov, who is currently conducting research
    on the genetic causes of (IC/PBS/CPPS.)

    Dr Dimitrakov is presently doing research at Children's Hospital here in Boston at the Harvard Urological Diseases Research Center. We do know that previous studies have suggested that IC and painful bladder syndrome may be genetic and passed down (or inherited) from one generation to the next. Therefore, information gained from this study will help to improve the understanding of these conditions and lead to earlier diagnoses and better treatment.

    Some of you are familiar and may have enrolled in this study. We will all hear first hand about the study and it's progress in finding answers to a very debilitating condition such as IC.

    In just a few short weeks, Dr Dimitrakov will be discussing his latest research and will take questions from IC patients. Please bring your pen and paper for notes and any questions you may have.

    I'm very excited to meet Dr Dimitrakov and looking forward to any news
    that he will have to share with us!

    If you plan to attend, please e-mail Molly at: [email protected]