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AUA 2007 - Cyclosporine Shows Promising Results for IC in Brazil study

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    I've taken cyclosporine for dry eye as well as peristomal ulcers.
    For the ulcers the brand name is Neoral. And let me warn you. . .this stuff can give you some pretty nasty side effects. While using this medication, you have to have your liver and kidney functions tested every 2 weeks. (This med started affecting my liver). I recall getting really sick from this stuff one night. I couldn't even talk. The only way I can describe it is that it was like someone had slipped me a "mickey". The next morning I told my husband to make sure I NEVER took that medication again!
    I realize that my experience with this med doesn't mean that anyone else will get the same reaction. If this med brings you relief from your IC symptoms then you may feel it is very much worth dealing with the side effects. Just make sure that you do your research.


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      This drug caused my 18 year old cousin cancer after a kidb=ney transplant. The cancer ate his vocal cords and at 21 he can no longer speak. I know these effects are rare but knowing someone eho experienced them first hand is ehough for me to stay away from it. Hopefully it will help some. I just realized I am being very negative today. Sorry about that. My hormones are crazy. Can't wait until Monday when I can take a pregnancy test. Hopefully I will get a positive and have a legit excuse for being a b**** these past few days. Anyway sorry about that. Don't hesitate to tell me I am being a b*&** and smack me out of my own little world.
      With Lots of Love and Wishes for Pain Free Days~Heather

      ~I was diagnosed with Interstitial Cystitis at the age of 23, 4 months after getting married. I also have severe Endometriosis, Adhesion Disease and Pelvic Floor Dysfunction. All of which were diagnosed AFTER being diagnosed with IC. Before IC my only health issues were a history of migraines since I was a child and a battle with cervical dysplasia. I had a LEEP in 2007 and have been clear of the cancerous cells since.~

      ~Please feel free to PM me if you have any questions, concerns or comments. Or if you just need a friend, someone to listen. I am almost always lurking around online somewhere. LOL~


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        Hi Hdb1982,

        I appreciate you sharing this important information. I myself would never take such a med. You are not being negative or being what you referred yourself as. This med has serious side effects. Suppressing the immune system can cause many other health issues. I would rather have a cystectomy than alter the way my immune system functions. The benefits to me are not worth the dagerous risks. Most doctors are sensible when prescribing this med and will not prescribe it for ic.