This study sought to determine any sexual or reproductive risk factors which may have contributed to the development of IC. Completed by IC researcher John Warren and colleagues, they found that IC patients had three significant "antecedent" commonalities with respect to sexuality and pelvic health.

#1 - pre-existing related conditions (aka functional somatic disorders) such as chronic pelvic pain, IBS and anxiety disorder

#2 - hormone use

#3 - a history of fewer pregnancies.

The first comes as no surprise because we've certainly seen and now thoroughly accepted that IC seems to appear with several other conditions, particularly IBS and anxiety disorder along with vulvodynia, pfd and the like. The hormone use is puzzling and my guess is that it is perhaps more related to birth control meds used by the general population. I, personally, have never used birth control pills or hormone creams until recently. The history of fewer pregnancies make sense for those of us who have struggled with pelvic pain throughout our lives.

This is a study that makes you go .. hmmmmmm!!! - Jill

Reference: Warren JW, Clauw DJ, Wesselmann U, Langenberg PW, Howard FM, Morozov V. Sexuality and Reproductive Risk Factors for Interstitial Cystitis/Painful Bladder Syndrome in Women. Urology. 2011 Jan 6.

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