The ICA has written up a nice summary of the Society of Urodynamics and Female Urology conference that occurred last week about the presentations related to IC. Not much comes as a surprise.. but here's a few highlights:

- Dr. Moldwin reported that in a survey of urologists, 75% were aware of IC and felt comfortable treating it. 7% choose not to treat it, while another 7% weren't comfortable treating IC. Only 1/10 didn't believe that IC was real! This, my friends, is a HUGE improvement compared to previous years and shows that physician awareness and education is occurring!

- Dr. Susan Keay provided an update on her APF research.

- Dr. Ray Rackley shared more of his theory that certain NSAID's could be irritating the bladder wall. We covered this last year in the IC Optimist magazine... and, while some might consider this a more radical theory, we think it's certainly worth exploring further. Grats to Dr. Rackley for presenting this info!

Read their full report at: