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    I thought this was informative even though am not a newbie!

    IC diagnosis: Aug 2005
    Symptoms: Urgency, urge and irritation and urethral symptoms
    Flareup for 1 year til July 2007 (had constant urge and pain et al....)

    Elmiron 100mg 3x daily April 2006 - present
    Enablex 7.5mg nightly Sep 2007 -present
    Atarax, Elavil 10mg nightly (Dec 2007)
    Acupuncture - November 2007 - present

    (Past meds for IC- Cystistat, Elavil 30mg, Ditropan, long term a/bs, Prednisolone, Cimetidine, Neurontin)

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    I think this area is kinda on hold right now. Thanks for the link it is a great post


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      I too would like to thank alert10 for the time and energy she put into her post. I am sure it will help both newbies and those who have been struggling for a long time.

      Thank you for giving us this gift. I know it was not easy for you. That is why the gift is even more valuable.
      Je vous souhaite de la joie, de la bonne santée, et tout ce qu'il y a de bon dans la vie.
      Wishing you happiness and good health, and all the best out of life.

      Peace, Carolyn

      Laura (11), Susannah (12 1/2) and Maman (that's me!), North Wildwood NJ, September 2007

      On the Beach with IC


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        Newbie here... yes I was helped VERY MUCH by this! Especially the explanation about the mast cells, histamine, and GAG layer. But also the supplements. THANK YOU!!
        Exposure to an unclean hot tub 2-17-07 FIRST UTI
        (Got ringworm-like sores from it before)
        (Someone else got what looked like 'eye herpes')
        (My husband got an ear infection. We were all just sitting there!)
        SYMPTOMS: Severe Urgency/Frequency for 18 months, food sensitivity, widespread nerve pains (random and everywhere), deep bladder pain that developed into flares at 4 months. Completely unreasonable diet sensitivity.
        TESTS: Nothing showed in urine cultures, CT scan, Cystoscopy, Lumbar puncture, back and brain MRIs, EMG tests.
        Hydrodistension Surgery/Biopsy showed minor glomerulations, inflammatory and mast cells, and a rare eosinophil. Blood tests show elevated ANA.
        CONFUSED: My hands and feet started falling asleep. I got twitching nerves or muscles everywhere. I started having concentration and memory problems, vision problems, then fatigue and chronic migraines. Fibromyalgia diagnosed, SSDI disability awarded at 4 years, then gone at 7 years. Won the appeal. IBS and esophagus spasms at 6 years.
        MEDICATIONS: Marcaine/Heparin/Sodium Bicarb instills, Lyrica, Nortriptyline, Uribel. Paxil and Trazadone from before. Painkillers as needed. Supplements include CystoProtek, DH Aloe, Colostrum.
        PREVIOUS CONDITIONS: Sudden onset of double vision, Paxil Discontinuation Syndrome, PTSD