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How to ease flare from antibiotic?

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  • How to ease flare from antibiotic?

    I have to take antibiotics for a uti that’s resistant to the antibacs that don’t bother me. Does anyone know of prelief or anything helps? I’m getting some decent burning so I just have an ice pack and tried taking an antihistamine. Thank you!!

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    In a similar position - I have come down with serious Strep Throat infection and I will need to take Amoxycillin for 10 days 500mg / 2x a day - obviously terrified bc antibiotics have always triggered my IC, which is currently in remission. Not sure what to do but I know my life is about to go back to being hellish again if I take this stuff, but if I don't the strep could move into my heart... looking for suggestions


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      The best suggestion I can think of is to discuss your concerns with your doctor --- it may be that antibiotics are the best choice, but you need to weigh the potential harm against the possible good before you make your decision. Back in the days before there was such a thing as antibiotics some people did survive some serious infections, but far more recover since antibiotics were developed. I do suggest making sure cultures are done to be sure it's the correct medication for the specific "bug" involved.

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