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distension and biopsy? necessary?

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  • distension and biopsy? necessary?

    hello, I am an Algerian women of 52 years. for now 4 months , i have terrible pain in the bladder. Some days are almost ok, but other are just horrible. I went to an urologist (actually many!) and they all wanted to do a cystoscopy. I was very afraid but finally agreed. so I had a cystoscopy. but the urologist dita simple one , without distension or biopsy, since he considered my bladder was showing no lesions and looked haelthy. he just filled it with more than 500ml of water and said he was happy about the capacity and quality of voiding. He concluded i had no IC. I dont know. When i read french lectures, they all say that you need hydrodistension with biopsy to rule out or confirm IC. is this still true? I am so afraid that i have to have a second cystoscopy with biopsy.

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    There are some medical professionals who still feel hydrodistention is the only way to diagnose interstitial cystitis, but many who are willing to make a diagnosis based on symptoms and ruling out other possible problems. There are some people with IC, including me, who experience relief for months after a hydrodistention. Even though this is a good option for me, I suggest trying other treatments before having it done.

    Normal bladder capacity, without anesthetic, is about 500 ml --- it can vary --- many IC patients have much lower, but that isn't always the case with IC. Some even have higher capacity.

    Have you tried doing an IC diet? Even though you don't have a diagnosis, I suggest you give it a try to see if it helps you feel better. I also suggest keeping a detailed diary for a few weeks to see if you can identify any things that cause you pain.

    And keep me posted about how you are doing.

    Stay safe

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      yes i am trying it from the beginning but i keep having acid urine most of the time. can it be because a still drink milk and eat bread? or not enough vegetables?
      I surely don't want to do a hydrodistension. i just wanted to know if it was mandatory for the diagnosis, so as the biopsy. because my uro ruled IC out (I am convinced i have it though. my pain is clearly in my bladder)
      thanx for your kind response.
      have a nice day