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Aaah! My underwear made me flare!

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  • Aaah! My underwear made me flare!

    Egads. Glad I figured this out, but it was not fun.
    Tuesday I wasn't feeling so hot because I overdid the weekend a little bit. I'd just really improved a good deal in the past three weeks and pushed myself a little too far. Still, I was able to look back, say, "Hm, better slow down there, sister," and by that evening I felt pretty decent.
    Yesterday, I woke up feeling fine for about an hour and a half before I started feeling not-so-fine. I was racking my brain trying to figure out what it was that did me in. I got home from work and immediately stripped down and just put on some sweatpants. By the time I went to bed, I felt a lot better.
    The scenario repeated all over again today, until I was almost in tears at 1pm and completely unable to concentrate on work. No matter what I did, sit, stand, stretch, whatever, nothing alleviated me. Luckily, I live nearby, so I drove home to get away and relax, if even for a few minutes. I went in and just whipped my pants off and walked around, I kid you not, naked from the waist down. I caught a glimpse in the mirror - yeah, there I was in a t-shirt, flannel, hoodie, knee high socks and no skivs. But it felt so good! It was the first thing resembling relief I'd had all day. When it came time for me to come back, I was dreading my pants.
    Finally I though, hey, look, there's a seam in the middle of these underwear. It's perfectly situated to rub against some sensitive areas. Duh. I switched to another pair that didn't grind me so much and things have been slowly improving since then. I can work now.

    I've never been a g-string kind of gal, but I'm not about to dig some granny panties, and now, I've got to go buy a bunch of new drawers. How often does this happen to you all? I just don't think I can bow down to high-leg briefs.

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    I bought underwear that were made of Lycra and they made me flare. I wear cotton g-strings now, which I know is a big No-No, but I've never had a problem since I started wearing them. Also tried satin underwear once-big No-No!!!! Made me pee, like every five seconds.


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      I wear high leg bikinis, all cotton...cute ones. I can't stand those big, huge granny panties either, so I compromise.....always wear a cotton crotch.

      I have some of the cutest panties but rarely wear them unless they are only "decoration" for an hour or so! LOL
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        This makes sense now. The biggest trigger I have identified so far, more so than any food or drink I've experimented with, is definitely my chair here at work. Sometimes all I have to do is stand-up and I'll start feeling better. I'm going this weekend to find a tall desk and stool so I can alternate between sitting and standin here. I guess the underwear thing just went over my head. Good thing my balance is paid off on my Victoria's Secret credit card.


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          I wear Victoria's Secret VS Cotton underwear -- either the hiphugger or the low-rise bikini kind. They come in all colors and patterns, they're all cotton, and there's no seam down the middle. And they are usually 5 for $25... but you can get discontinued colors online for $2.99 to $3.99 each.

          These do come in g-string or thong styles, but I don't like wearing those nowadays... the hiphugger and low rise bikini are cute and sexy too though

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            I have found that thongs are okay for me as long as they have a cotton crotch and fit tightly enough so that they don't move around during the day. It will probably have to be trial and error before you figure out what works the best for you.
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            Oh Lord please don't let me be misunderstood.


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              i swear shorts under my pants.......but i wear mostly sweats

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              Started PT 3/07, PT has really helped me in ways I never knew that it would

              Meds ive tried
              Soma- can barely tolerate half a pill
              Atropine cream- didnt seem to work, although i found out I was applying the creams wrong
              Estradiol cream
              Urelle- caused worse bladder spasm and retention

              Various antibiotics for lyme which caused yeast and made the IC and VV worse

              waiting for the next chronic illness to pop up

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                Ok, I'll admit it. I'm the grannie pant wearer. Never wore the bikini ones and the thigh highs just annoyed me. JCPenny made some that didn't look like grannies but they changed how they made them. the old ones didn't push on my stomach where the new ones do so I couldn't wear them. I think going to bed with just a night gown on is really helpful in pain wise all the way around. Nothing to bind, push or rub.


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                  I'm a granny too. Can't imagine wearing thongs and such. *shudder*


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                    The Victoria Secret cotton underwear actually made me flare. There is a seam running in the front horizontally (not down the middle) that rubs against sensitive areas.


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                      I wear the Thigh High or Hipster (cotton) ones made by Hanes, for the most part they come in pretty colors,designs (save the whites/grays for weekends). Used to wear the "granny panties". Can't wear the bikini style as they bother my c-section scar. Never could stand the thought of wearing thongs!!


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                        I'm not gonna lie here, I have a serious issue with thongs. It's got nothing to do with my bladder; it's just disturbing to see Freshmen girls in tight, low-rise jeans showing a plumber's crack and a sparkly red thong. Come on, girls, don't moon the lunch table behind you. They should make a public service ad: "Please, use thongs responsibly"

                        I'm into the black, low-rise, bikini style panties. I have one pair that has that weird seam thing going on; I think I'm gonna toss that one out. But, other than that, they're working out fine for me. Since they are low-rise, they don't push on my bladder.

                        P.S. No offense to all you responsible thong-wearers; you guys are okay in my book

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                        As-needed treatments for other conditions: Klonopin, Ambien


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                 i am a very responsible thongwearer.i love cotton thongs,it feels like i'm not wearing anything at all,when i wear regular underwear they drive me crazy,i can always feel friends always ask me how i can wear them,they don't believe their not for the low rider jeans showing my lovely thongs,i'll save that for the teenyboppers,lol.


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                              I have a huge thing with undies--they have to be comfortable and I have a hard time finding any that are. I buy them one at a time until I find something that works. This takes years. I've paid anywhere from $2 to $12 for a pair. I was in Wal-mart (the tag says Seceret Treasures) and saw some that looked good (cheap too) so I bought 2 pair and I love them. They are a low rise with a large lace band around the hips that is not binding in any way. The best part is there is no panty line. I'm going to go buy 10 pair so I'm set for awhile.