HI there
I am a lurker here on these boards, but have had IC for about 3 years now, no success in any cures yet (have tried all the drugs, done the hydros, etc). I am now considering getting onto the Pill to see if that will help my IC symptoms. I find that my flareups are generally related to my menstrual cycle. I figure if I can get rid of ovulation (usually get a BAD flareup for a few days each month at that time) & then lighten my periods/cramping will perhaps lessen my IC flareups!!
I am sure I am not the only one on here who has considered this...has anyone actually TRIED it & if so, what kind of side effects/success have you seen? Also what kind of BC pill did you use? My OB has me taking YAZ (will start my first pill tonite)...WOULD love feedback ASAP to help in my decision if I swallow it or not tonite, lol.
THanks much