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infection, flare, stim on the blink?

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  • infection, flare, stim on the blink?

    I've not been doing the greatest bladder-wise for roughly a week. A day here and there is expected but now it's getting out of hand (though i admit it could be much worse). I've been behaving with the diet, not getting horny... I don't know what happenned. I'm on a new med- prevacid but i don't think it's that. I got some forms to find out if it's an infection- i might drop off a sample tomorrow. I do well on the neurostimulator, usually. I haven't had a night of no peeing in a while- more like 6 times a night several times lately and it burns like hell. I'm a little worried. My remote seems to indicate all is well for my neurostimulator battery, i haven't fallen or anything lately. I think the process is get the urine checked, maybe wait another week, if it's still rough, make an appointment to travel to get the stim checked out. I love my setting and i don't really want to try another, just all of a sudden I'm not as well. I might be starting a new job in 3-4 weeks and I've been struggle with my muscle disease, severe constipation, flu, sore throats, asthma, swallowing, might have had sudden muscle deterioration in my dominant R arm from last week... if it's not one thing, it's another. I just want to be somewhat well again- my well, certainly not normal by any means.

    oh well, I'm sure you all know how i feel and in some ways, i have nothing to complain about but any flare is a pain when you're just not as well as normal, even if it might not be close to as bad as i once was or someone else might be.


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    Sorry~~wish you were feeling better.