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Bad flare after 3 years (rant)

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  • Bad flare after 3 years (rant)

    Sorry to everyone but I just need to rant.
    I was diagnosed with IC in 2012. It was a terrible year and it took me months to get it under control, but I slowly did. It basically stopped my life (I was 28) and I slowly got it back. I followed the diet, figured out my triggers, and built a life around IC. Eventually I was mostly symptom free with only very minor flares that only lasted hours. My last big flare was 3 years ago, in my first year of medical school. I struggled through it and miraculously did not have another one during that time. I know how lucky I am in that respect. Despite the lack of sleep, stress, and weird diet I during that time I was ok. Now I'm a resident and a week ago another flare began. And it's awful. Im not entirely sure what brought it on but I think it was a combo of stress and a poor candy choice. My problem has always been that my flares don't seem to respond to anything and last 4-6 weeks. I have frequency, some urgency and pain/pressure. Of the subtypes I seem to be more of the pelvic floor, but I have some of the bladder side as well. I take elavil and hydroxyzine. Ive tried tylenol and advil (ive also tried avoiding them), I've tried cysta-Q, straight quercetin, Gabapentin, muscle relaxants and none seemed to make a difference. Ive tried heating pads - which do help. But the pain is so intense sometimes and there is no break from it. I think there is an element of PFD, but the wait time for a therapist is a month and a half. I'm feeling desperate because I have to be able to do my job and that is so hard when you're always thinking about peeing or pain. I don't want to go on leave, I dont want to have to stop being a doctor, but I don't know what to do when nothing works to manage the flare and sometimes all I can do is just sit and cry. And I know I'm in for weeks of this. And no one else really gets it, except all the lovely people here. I wonder if there is anything else people have thought of to manage flares. I live in Canada so some things are not easliy accessible to me.
    Thank you for listening.
    IC is a demon.

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    I've found something that is working great for me. Methenamine. It is available in a RX drug called HIPREX. It is not an anti-biotic, it is an anti-septic. You can take it long term and it will keep the infection in check. I know everyone says IC is not an infection, that anti-biotics have anti-inflammatory properties and that is why you feel good taking them, but I've been on full dose HIPREX for 2 weeks and I feel nearly cured. I hope this continues!!


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      Have you tried plain baking soda in water? I have to control sodium, but 3 or 4 Tums is my go-to first (as a substitute for soda) in a flare. NSAIDS are a problem for many ICers so you might want to rethink the Advil. I know that stress can be a huge problem for MOST of us --- some find that low dose antidepressants are helpful --- our doctor explained to us that they interfere with the pain receptors in the nerve system --- plus they can help us relax.

      You will have better days. You have controlled your IC before, and you will again --- look at how far you have come. We need doctors who understand their patients; you WILL get there!

      Sending healing wishes,
      Stay safe

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        Hi Aeja! Please let us know how you are doing. I know flaring sucks and working in the medical field (or anywhere really) is especially difficult when you have a flare like this. If you ever need a venting buddy feel free to message me ❤
        Sending healing thoughts
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          Bladder instillations with lidocaine, bicarb and heparin. Do 1 a week for 8 weeks. Results always appear for me AFTER I have done the course of treatments.