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What causes burning sensation AFTER urinating?

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  • What causes burning sensation AFTER urinating?

    I'm a long-time IC sufferer, goiing through a flare right now. My main symptom this time is BURNING...not while peeing, but AFTERWARDS, for about 15 mins, then it gradually fades. Does anyone experience this, and know what causes it? Is it muscle spasms, urine being too concentrated, nerves inflamed, or something else? Any insight is appreciated!

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    Me too. It’s awful. I’m feeling your pain.
    Sara-age 58- Happily Married-Mother of 3
    Diagnosed-Nov. 2009
    Elmiron 200mg morning and bedtime
    Gabapentin-pain management and sleep aid
    Probiotics-Digestive Advantage Colon Health-IBS
    Atarax-antihistamine 25 mg at bedtime
    Bi-Est/Prog cream-Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement
    Flonase 50 mg.-seasonal allergies
    Fish Oil-general health
    Vitamin D3
    Vitamin A


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      I suspect it's spasms. Are you drinking enough water?

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        I also get this when I flare. I just assumed it was part of the flare? When I notice this happening I sit with the heating pad on that area and it always helps. Some people prefer ice pack on the area.


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          I have had this for years. Happens after pee whole crotch feels like an intense mint burn sensation. Sometimes heating pad helps sometimes not.