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Blue Shampoo / Purple Conditioner Flare? Is this even a THING?

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  • Blue Shampoo / Purple Conditioner Flare? Is this even a THING?

    I used a Blue shampoo/conditioner and then my bladder got very ANGRY at me.
    Huh.... or was that the culprit of the flare?
    ---------There is a very NEW and very popular way to tone down brassiness in older
    hair color and that is to use BLUE shampoo and conditioner / I won't mention
    brands of course - but look a around on the internet and you'll find a few. This
    shampoo takes out ORANGE tones. Purple shampoos/conditioners take out
    YELLOW tones. ---------- ANYWAY - is it even POSSIBLE (yes Donna I know
    anything is possible) but I mean any anyone else with IC tried these products
    and experienced a flare??? I mean it was only on my hands for a few minutes
    and then once on my hair it's not really ON ME... or is it some residue on my
    scalp making me flare? ----- Thanks for reading. I'm so curious about this.
    Yes, I've tried to use in in isolation (to control for all other factors in life that
    could flare me) but that's tough... so ...anyone?
    Really would like to hear experiences or other people's suspicions or experiences.
    If you can't relate / no need to respond - I'm here to learn...anything relevant.
    Thanks bunches!

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    My hair is totally white and I don't use anything with color --- I've seen too many ladies with blue or lavender hair. I sometimes mix a little baking soda with shampoo in my hand and that seems to bring out the white. I don't use it often.

    Stay safe

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