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Iron Phosphate beware / Instant Rice may not be so nice.

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  • Iron Phosphate beware / Instant Rice may not be so nice.

    I've been flaring badly for the past week... what's new was instant rice. PLAIN
    instant rice but now I see it contains iron. No big deal right? Unless it's
    Ferric Orthophosphate < Oh no, uh... I take a non-acidic multivitamin...what IS
    this stuff? ---------- Did some research.

    Ferric Orthophosphate IS an acidic form of iron.
    SO acidic that ORGANIC farmers in the USA use it as a mulluscicide - Molluscicides
    (/məˈlʌskɪˌsaɪd, -ˈlʌsɪ-/), also known as snail baits, snail pellets or slug pellets, are pesticides against molluscs,
    which are usually used in agriculture or gardening, in order to control gastropod pests specifically slugs
    and snails which damage crops or other valued plants by feeding on them.
    (...and you thought
    organic was pesticide-free / think again).

    Ferric Orthophosphate is derived from a process involving
    phosphoric ACID - hence the name given. Makes sense right? >> it IS a food additive
    that is SO "bad" in whatever way...that the entire European Union has withdrawn it
    from the list of allowed substances.
    ---------------- but it's OKAY in the USA.
    Well, not for me. Bye bye instant "enriched" rice and HELLO 100% Basmati, Jasmine
    and all the other natural unenriched rices! I KNEW why did I forget this?

    Ferric OrthoPHOSPHATE :
    Form WIkipedia if you need a source.

    Iron(II) phosphate, also ferrous phosphate, Fe3(PO4)2, is an iron salt of phosphoric acid.
    Pesticide[edit] Iron phosphate is one of the few molluscicides approved for use in the practice of organic farming.[8]
    Pesticide pellets containing iron phosphate plus a chelating agent, such as EDTA, leach heavy metals from soil into groundwater.[9]

    Iron(III) phosphate is not allowed as food additive in the European Union. It was withdrawn from
    the list of allowed substances in the directive 2002/46/EC in 2007.
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    Thank you for sharing this information --- I hope you're feeling better now.

    Stay safe

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