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Can Macrobid cause a flare?

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  • Can Macrobid cause a flare?

    Hi all,

    This is my first time writing here but I have been reading this forum occasionally for 4 years. That's how long I've having bladder issues with negative test results for infections!

    I just need to know if someone have had a similar experience to mine regarding Macrobid, as it could be really useful next time I talk with my GP. (It's long, I'm sorry, but I feel a bit of context is needed)

    Five years ago, I started having recurrent UTIs. I always would get prescribe Trimethopim and symptoms (mainly pain while urinating, frequency and urgency) would resolve quickly. Then, there was this time when I got another infection, but my GP was closed. I went to the Out of Hours and they prescribed Macrobid. Took it and symptoms disappeared quickly... except I got a new symptom: bladder pressure. I felt like I had to pee all the time, even when I just peed. But nothing would come out. It was like my bladder was sending my brain signals that it was full all the time and nothing would make it go away. And drinking/eating acidic things would make things worse.
    From there, it developed to the usual IC story: negative test results, bladder scans that showed everything was normal​​​​, a very dismissive uro...

    Things got better by following the IC diet. Occasionally I would get another UTI (which feel way different from my flares, that just involved the pressure mentioned), but with Trimethopim they went away quickly and my bladder pressure, while still there, would not get worse. But by bit, I could incorporate small amounts of prohibited food into my diet and I would not get flares!

    Last year, my GP got me on Hiprex and later on, due to stock issues in UK for that medicine, Cefalexin. He though I might have an embedded infection. Worked like a charm. Within 6 months, I fully went into remission. I could eat whatever I wanted, no bladder pressure, I felt normal again. I thought I was cured!

    Well, this week I got another UTI. GP was closed, so again I went to the out of Hours and again I got Macrobid. First day of treatment, my symptoms cleared. Second day... bladder pressure started to creep in. By the start of the third day, I felt exactly like when it all started. None of the others antibiotics had made me feel like this. And my bladder pressure started when I treated a UTI with Macrobid! So I'm confident that it has something to do with it, but my GP can't tell me what.

    Does anyone else have experience of Macrobid causing an onset of IC symptoms or just making them flare up? Any help would be greatly appreciated, I feel like crying when I think that I threw all these years of recovery away because I went to the Out of Hours instead of waiting for my GP to be open and getting another antibiotic.

    Thanks for reading and I look forward to your comments.

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    to the forums.

    Macrobid is an antibiotic --- you must have had an infection, but sometimes antibiotics will be prescribed based on symptoms when the problem is actually not an infection. The symptoms of IC are so close to an infection that it can be tough to know. I doubt that the Macrobid caused your IC.

    Sending warm healing thoughts,
    Stay safe

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