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HELP I'm Flaring and Frustrated after a 3 month remission

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  • ICNDonna
    Even if your test was negative two days ago, you could have an infection going today --- I suggest another test.


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  • HELP I'm Flaring and Frustrated after a 3 month remission

    I've been doing pretty well the last 3 months and BAM! out of nowhere my bladder reminds me that IC is a chronic disease with no cure. I haven't ate or drank anything that I know would be a trigger. Over the last few days I've been having a pulsating, throbbing sensation as my bladder fills up and before I get my pants/and or panties pulled down I have already begun to dribble. That's usually followed by a stinging sensation at the opening of my urethra with a tightening feeling that keeps me from getting a good stream going.Just little spurts. Sometimes this is followed by burning that goes up to my belly button. All this makes it difficult to fully empty my poor little IC damaged bladder and that has increased my frequency by 200% I guess this could be called bladder spasms IDK I tested negative for UTI this past Tuesday morning with a home test kit. This soooooo very frustrating. I am peeing 3 to 4 times an hour. Oh, how I hate this disease.
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