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after 1.5 years flare free i'm now having the worst one ever =(

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  • after 1.5 years flare free i'm now having the worst one ever =(

    ugh. so after not having a flare in almost 2 years (!!!) and being in total remission for 1 year (eating and drinking whatever i want without any supplements/medication/whatever) i am now having the worst flare ever. i went out to eat at a restaurant about 10 days ago and the bowl they gave me had been chipped and i ended up ingesting part of the ceramic. that night i started off with the usual symptoms which had me pretty confused since i've not had a flare in 2 years, so i figured i must have a UTI. i went to the doctor and no such luck )= 10 days of pain and urgency and non of my old tricks are working. all i can think is that the chemicals in the ceramic totally obliterated my bladder wall. i was so hopeful that all this was over and now i'm worried i'll never get into remission again.

    i've been eating super bland food, taking some cystex (although i'm going to get some uristat or pyridium tomorrow instead), taking coral calcium, prelief, lots of aloe juice/gel capsuls etc. and nothing. ugh.

    so i'm going to get some uristat, even more bland food, alka seltzer and whatever else i can find tomorrow. suggestions are always welcome!!
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    Sorry about your flare. The one thing to remember is that you got yourself to remission before...think back to what you used to get yourself there in the first place and go back to your old regime. It's worked for you.

    I've been in long periods of remission, only to go back into a flare...and each time I do I just go back to the ic diet, take my meds, etc.

    It's always a scary time when I flare after being in remission...I'm sure it is for you as well. Take care of yourself.


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      What does your doctor say? You really should see that doctor. How large a ceramic piece did you swallow? If it was tiny, it most likely followed your body's waste and left in a bowel movement. I doubt that the body would digest it.

      Did you have any medical procedures before you went into remission? Take any medications?

      Hopefully your remission will be back soon.

      Stay safe

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        That brings great concern to me too, I have to agree with Donna. Did you tell your doctor about swallowing a piece of ceramic? I can't help wondering if this could be your problem. Hope you get better soon.



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          it was probably around the size of my finger nail. no one is quite sure what the problem is, although when they tested my for a UTI they found white blood cells and no nitrates so it is most likely a flare.

          i had hydrodistention (to look for glomurations and to stretch) done and then i was using elmiron about 3x a day for a year and it didn't seem to be making much a difference that i could feel. i stopped using it and starting taking large quantities of aloe juice, following a strict diet and taking calcium and herbal teas. after about 6 months of following the rigorously i stopped all symptoms
          (what can i say, i like cats)


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            If it continues, you might have to go back to your doctor. I wish I had an answer for you that would make you feel better. I do know with IC that you can have remission and then sometimes it comes back and it takes awhile to get better. That stinks. Maybe something did trigger it. Just hope you get better soon.



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              what drugs do you recommend?

              I too have been IC free for a year and then at christmas it started all over again but I would do my regimen and catch it time so that it won't last long but this month ....holy cow...

              Your right it scares you and makes you very upset expecially when nothing is working.

              I too did not want to go on medication that may or may not work and had side effects so I went natural route which has been working but I tell you today I feel like I am desperate enough to try drugs.

              Has anything changed in a year regarding the drugs that are available?
              Any recommendations? I am going to the uro/gyn tomorrow so would love to know what to request.