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  • trigger question

    Hi all,
    Once you have identified a trigger - and eliminate it - how long until you start to feel better? Any thoughts....Thanks

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    Hummm... Sometimes it takes days to get over a flare and sometimes longer.. it just depends.. I have found that I can be doing the same thing with meds and diet and go days without a flare then all of a sudden I have one, even though I didnt change anything.. So its hard to say, even if I know what triggeres a flare and stop eating what triggered it, that does not mean I will never get one again.. I do know that my hormones play a big part in it and stress is another trigger point.. IC is strange, It effects us in so many differant ways and effects everyone differant....

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      runningshoes I love the name.. for me on triggers its everything I eat and drink.. ggrrrr... but yes when you figure out what is what you will sart feeling better, how long I don't know.
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        I love runningshoe as well! I think it depends on how bad of a flare that you are having and what caused it. Drink plenty of water, especially if the flare is diet related, as this will wash out the bad stuff quicker.


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          Thanks guys! My running shoes have always represented freedom and power. I hope to wear them again! I still have not determined what triggered the flare: high salt diet (drinking salty water!!), nadolol (beta blocker) or florinef....I stopped drinking the salty water but have not been able to go off meds yet - need to meet with drs (tomorrow). I was flaring big time for 2 weeks before I even realized it was my bladder (12 years in remission makes you forget!). I stopped the salty water 10 days ago. I have been taking pain meds but need less to get by and one day I didn't need anything until it hit around 8 pm. It will take a while to unravel the mystery but thanks for your ideas and support.